1. The way you spoke about Wilbur in the third person really made me realize that at the end of the day these are all just characters. You've done such an incredible job writing the story for this, and even now, your descriptions and explanations are very well written and accurate. Thank you Will for all you've done for the smp, we appreciate you so much.

  2. this is genuinely so fucking cool, the amount of thought and effort that went into this story and these characters is so impressive. incredible job to you and all the other streamers involved. :D

  3. This is very well thought out wilbur! tbh i didnt notice it was you who made this till about half way through lmfao

  4. Your mind works in wonderful ways, honestly would you wanna write a book together or something like it would be insane lmao

  5. This is such an in-depth character analysis that really shows just how much thought and care went into this story. I had an assignment to show how a story fit in or diverted form the Hero's Journey model and I had to resist the urge to start word-barfing to my English teacher about Tommy's own mentor falling from grace and becoming the villain in the end.

  6. Facts, I would still disagree and say tommy is chaotic good (in the terms of the roleplay I don't know him personally) since the ways he does his activities seem out on a whim and generally only wants to see the good, but other than that good takes :)

  7. I cant thank you enough for giving me entertainment over the past couple months and for giving me something that always brought a smile to my face.

  8. this is the first time i’ve seen an alignment chart with proper reasonings that fit the actual D&D meanings of “lawful” and “chaotic” and not the connotations used outside of it.

  9. Hi Wilbur!! This is amazing. I love seeing your insight on all the characters you and the others have created and embodied.

  10. Will I appreciate you a lot. I am bad at wording but truly, thank you for creating. Your art inspires, and I hope that you are happy to know it does. :)

  11. Honestly, this is a look into a writer's admiration at their own creation, and since this is over for now, it's an amazing thing to share with every spectator of the story. Great way to see the structure and the core of this weird minecraft roleplay story

  12. The whole arc was thought out so well!!! Everyone did an amazing job executing what I think was the coolest story ever; you and Dream especially were so awesome to come up with stuff like this. Hats off to you :)) It was an outstanding season finale.

  13. wilbur you really are a creative genius. this stuff takes real talent and not everyone can just write that kinda stuff up. please don't get burnt out because we really need you, take breaks! you have made my past months so enjoyable with everything you've created and made, so ty. we appreciate you will. <3 (so excited for new music, i can't keep listening to jubilee on repeat, it's not good for me LMAO)

  14. Honestly, the effort youve put into writing part of the lore deserves a lot of recognition. Good luck on your projects!

  15. Hey will! This is really well written(like the dreamsmp lmao)! Just wondering, are there any plot points that you think you could have emphasized or not done entirely? Love your channel!

  16. bro wtf why do we have the same alignment charts, only mature one in the friend group and "shitty shitty boom boom" personality

  17. Wow this is actually very interesting!! An analysis from your POV, someone who created and wrote the storyline, is a much different perspective from a fan who has only watched it and doesn't really know the characters morals and motivations.

  18. this is really interesting to read !! i was wondering tho, where would u put other people like quackity, bbh, skeppy, awesamdude, georgenotfound, etc ?

  19. I one hundred percent agree with LA. He kind of reminds me of Snow from the Hunger Games. He is not a good person in the story, but for the most part he has to follow the law.

  20. This was undoubtedly amazing Wilbur! Im wondering how long did it take for you to construct this story and what inspired you??

  21. Wilbur I am FLOORED! I would pay so much just to WATCH you DM a game!! You are such a brilliant storyteller, I hope to see more of your stuff! <3

  22. What would Wilbur's alignment have been before the corruption arc? (I'd try and guess, but I'm not very knowledgeable about DnD alignments ^^')

  23. You definitely have a ton of free time nowadays but it is nice to see your creativity fly!! You have done an absolutely amazing job and I cant wait to see what new content you have instore for the future<33

  24. This analysis makes so much sense and it’s so cool to see things from the writer’s perspective!! Quick question about the writing though, if you had to guess, what percentage of the Dream SMP was improvisation vs script? It’s really interesting how they work so well together throughout the story. Once again, we really appreciate everything you do for the Dream SMP and thank you for such a great storyline so far! :D

  25. I feel like Dream isn't Chaotic evil. He only pretended to be when it benefited him. He said he was on Techno's side yet he did nothing to stop people from killing the Withers. He wants complete control over the SMP and will stop at nothing to achieve it. Not sure how to categorize this kind of evil.

  26. I feel like Technoblade is just on another grouping, he's his own thing, just the whole thing is just him, he can change what he wants real quick when it comes to as much death as possible

  27. I think that there is another character that deserves a spot on the chaotic evil with Dream, and that is Sapnap. He is such a bully, and is always on the marks to kill innocent little pets. He has killed endless amounts of pets (Tommy's Horse is one of the recents, and also, he does not have any affection towards his pets), and the most og pet on the server, that is Spirit, the only thing Dream loved, and due to his "murdering" tendencies, he always seeks chaos. He only has affection towards one thing, Mars. So, alongside Dream's evil tendencies to seek chaos (this is due to the fact that Spirit was murdered), Sapnap also deserves to be chaotic evil.

  28. I loved seeing this story unfold over the past few months. The intercity of the characters and the unpredictability of the plot was amazing. Thank you, Wilbur, what you’ve done is incredible 💜

  29. I kinda had to roleplay a lot and got very little room for making jokes and messing around which I can understand is not as fun to watch as a viewer but it was fun :)

  30. It depends person to person. Techno definitely wouldn't let me write him any differently but Tommy was pretty lenient in working alongside me as a character

  31. Holy shit wait hi Wilbur!! You said that Tommy “has definitely only moved into this quadrant recently.” What do you think Tommy was before, and what made him change?

  32. He was Lawful Good before for sure. He only wanted to reclaim/adminstrate L'Manburg. It was upon his succession and victory that his goals became more blurred.

  33. were there any plot points that you didn't reveal to some people in order to keep them in suspense/real reactions or did everyone know everything happening in advance?

  34. There were a lot of surprises and a lot of stuff changed as improv happened. One I'll give away was how Techno was NOT supposed to use a firework and murder Schlatt and Quackity in crossfire ahahah

  35. Wil i must ask. So since Phil killed you are you canonically dead like schlatt or did you die in the same way that tubbo was killed repeatedly by tommy and kept coming back?

  36. I feel like Dream would be more NE since he's always had a position of relative power on the server (with the SMP being named after him and all), and has often used it to his advantage. He doesn't want chaos per se, but he'll favor it if it weakens his enemies– which is why I think he's more NE.

  37. You're right! Hence why I struggled to put them in. Dream is far more chaos than neutral though so naturally I fell into neutral

  38. What was the reasoning behind Techno’s willingness to kill Tubbo upon Schlatt’s orders? Doesn’t seem to add up with his anarchist tendencies.

  39. hello mr. soot. let’s say a very big fan of both dnd and the dream smp wanted to draw dnd designs for everyone in the dream smp. would smp wilbur be a tiefling, human, or a different race?

  40. ooohh, I've always wondered the same thing but for classes! for example, Dream is clearly a rogue, while George could be an artificer. I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't accurate, though, since a lot of the people on the SMP have characterizations and roles that are different to their usual selves.

  41. I feel like people are going to disagree with this without realizing that it’s literally written by like the author of this SMP plot.

  42. Death of the author. Even if the author gives their intentions, people are still right to disagree with the interpretation. Not to say Wilbur's explanation of the alignment chart is wrong, but people might have their own preferences on different versions of the chart.

  43. I’ll be honest, mans just freestyling ghostbur. There is no written plot or lore around the undead on dsmp ahaha

  44. He has a set of specific guidelines he follows, contradictory as it may seem. His one overarching code is to defeat all government and law.

  45. This was super interesting, thanks for posting!! I had a question about jschlatts death. I’ve seen two different interpretations and I think both have merit.

  46. I truly think it might have been a combination of both. He died the loneliest way possible: in a room full of people he used to call friends or allies and his enemies just watching him suffer. Nobody did anything to help him. The last gesture of kindness he witnessed was karl giving him a pearl to escape the tower and Karl blocking the Van’s doors when he was trying to hide as techno spotted him. But even then, Karl....also just stood there and watched, even though Karl had called schlatt his ‘friend’ right before the seige on the tower occurred. It was another final betrayal. He really went after Fundy and Quackity before he died because it really did hurt him that they did betray him (even if it was his own doing).

  47. you did an absolutely fantastic job with this story and it was so exhilarating and amazing to see played out. much love man, outstanding work.

  48. Ah... DND Alignments. *rubs hands excitedly* I'm not entirely knowledgeable on the alignments, myself, but I do have my opinions.

  49. It's so interesting to see the characters through the lens of your thought process! Especially as you're the partway-DM of the story. Whilst you're around, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on how the SMP or its cast might translate to a DnD setting?

  50. I have to say, what you've written and the community you've cultivated is... fantastic for lack of a stronger word. It felt so natural how you integrated these people's Youtube persona's as characters in this story. I was wondering if after all the smoke was cleared (When the DreamSMP Ends) You'd do a mini documentary on how you wrote these characters, what was scripted and what was Complete improv, I think i'm not the only one who would love that. The DreamSMP looks so fun man, everybody is so talented and hilarious. Thanks. ;)

  51. This just reinforces how I think Dre SMP is "run" and how to view it. It's the same as a D&D campaign, every campaign has a vaguely set path by the DM "writer for that arc" but all the details are created by the individual players with the arc actively adapting based on said details. Wilbur probably had an original idea of how everything was supposed to play out with everyone given simple instructions on where to be and things to do but nothing was ever fully set in stone and different players could be left out of certain information to give it more authenticity and giving the players more room to choose how their character is represented and reacts. Overall it makes a compelling story while making use of the streamers strengths in improv while avoiding their weaknesses of straight up reading and acting a script by giving them the room to make their characters their own.

  52. Hey Wilbur, if you're still answering questions, I was wondering something. Now that it's canon that Philza is Wilbur's dad, does that say anything about the other sleepy bois dynamic? Are tommy and techno your brothers?

  53. Wilbur, I enjoyed your writing and the second half of season 1/ the entirety of season 2 of the dream SMP and I’m having so much fun watching and making art of it. I have a couple questions, Where would you put Philza in the chart even though he only appeared in the final minutes? Also, Karl, Thunder and Sam and BBH in the chart? (You explained Quackity and others in another comment, so I’m wondering about these guys.) I understand if you can’t explain them, they had very minor if any role at all, I’m just curious what your take on them would be

  54. I saw in another comment that I scrolled past somewhere that all the characters except Fundy, Schlatt, Techno and Dream would be human in your eyes. The first three are obvious, but what about Dream? What race would he be?

  55. It wasn't until I'd read the whole explanation and 3 more replies from the op before I realised it was Wilbur who wrote this. Haha! I love the character analysis though! And I completely agree with the alignments here. My favourite part of stories is the characters themselves - their goals, wishes and flaws and their relationships with others; I just love seeing this kind of stuff with the Dream SMP's characters too. This has been so much fun!

  56. The comment on Tommy being only just shifting into chaotic good has really fascinated me because he appears very chaotic because he is so driven by emotions and that has always been prevalent throughout the entirety of the storyline. However, it entirely makes sense because his chaos and drive from his emotions are now more powerful than ever but I still feel like there is some tie to his chaos being because of his own overarching codes and conventions. This really stuck out to me during the festival when Tommy was trying to talk Wilbur down from blowing up (L')Manberg but the second Tubbo was executed, his goals completely flipped and wanted Wilbur to "press the button". This definitely really demonstrates his chaos but also his change of heart was only because of his unending loyalty to Tubbo. Overall, Tommy is definitely Chaotic Good.

  57. As much as I agree with the chart and the explication, I gotta say alignment charts and the idea of alignment SUCK. It’s funny to put characters from an MC SMP into a chart, but I hate it in Pen and Paper/RPG games. Instead of exploring the motives, wishes, dreams or fears of an Charakter to come to a conclusion on how a character would act, players instead just go: “im a paladin so im must be Lawful Good” and act accordingly. That’s makes for very poor role play (IMO) as it allows for no leeway. It hinders character arcs because a lawful good character (technically) isn’t “allowed” to be chaotic evil under specific circumstances. It’s lazy. Instead of crafting a good background, players just put “Chaotic Neutral” in there because that what rouges do or “Lawful Good” because that’s what Paladins do. Instead of referencing their background and motives, they just look down, see “Lawful Evil” and do that. It forces players to shoehorn their character into one of nine categories instead of just not worrying about it and just being the character. So yeah, thanks for coming to my TED talk i guess... have a great day

  58. This is pog! I 100% agree, and you and dream are very close for me on this scale, so much so that I would have still agreed if the you two were switched on this. Keep making awesome vids, and I can't wait for Your New Boyfriend!

  59. oh wow, i really like this take wilbur :) your points are very clear and accurate for the characters they all play here. upvote \o\

  60. Very interesting - thanks for sharing your views on the story before the 16th. I can’t wait to see whee the story will go now :D it’s super inspiring for my own creative stories as well - I love the dream SMP. I hope people still end up roleplaying instead of just messing around all the time lul. But yeah I reckon this is really cool.

  61. thank you for this, it’s really interesting!! i really enjoyed reading what you had to say about the characters since you wrote them. at first i was confused on your placement of techno as he doesn’t follow government, making him seem quite chaotic, but he does adhere to his own laws strictly, so that makes sense. i’m a huge literature nerd so looking at this from an analysis standpoint is really cool to me. question for you: was your character ever in a different quadrant, and if so, which one? i’m thinking around the time of the original l’manberg revolution. i know tommy’s character has definitely evolved but i’d love to hear your insight on how yours has changed since it definitely had the biggest changes. kudos to you for writing such a dynamic story, it was really a joy to experience :) best of luck with your songs and videos!

  62. I'm very glad to see this post! seeing people calling techno chaotic for sticking by far the hardest to his own code was getting a little old.

  63. wilbur you are awesome!!! can’t wait to see what spectacular ideas you cx one up with next, you’re probably one of the only youtubers/streamers i know that will succeed in the long run! you are such an inspiration and thank you for being you!!

  64. Hmm. Honestly I have to say i'm a bit confused on the reason Niki was put in neutral good and Tommy was put in chaotic good here. Even this post specified that tommy may seem lawful upon first glance because he has an understanding of the codes he's meant to follow and quite frankly does like to listen to them but will always stick firmly with what he thinks is the best thing to do without being limited by said laws and codes. This is the definition of a neutral good character, one who considers authority figures and rules when making decisions and does indeed care about what these say, but is ultimately not ruled by either and can/will go against his leaders and laws when attempting to do what is right. That's what a neutral good character is. Meanwhile Niki really doesn't think about laws or authority. She had no issue immediately fighting against Schlatt at every turn and very little hesitation in her decision to take back L'manburg against Wilbur (their leader's) wishes, she does not consider laws or leaders much at all, only her own moral compass. She does not have any problem fighting authority figures when they are wrong (this is opposed to tubbo, who is lawful and a "yes man" as wilbur called them as well as tommy who, while willing to go against his leader for the greater good, was incredibly hesitant to sabotage wilbur in any way throughout much of the last arc even when he openly opposed what wilbur was trying to do). I feel that Niki fits more in line with Chaotic Good ideals then Tommy and vice versa with Tommy fitting more into the role of neutral good.

  65. man, you are really talented. i listened to ycgma so i knew you were good at writing but holy, that was amazing and your acting was v impressive too, good job. can't wait to see your personal projects!

  66. this is amazing wilbur thankyou sm :) this storyline is so good to the point where i started crying three different times during the war yesterday. kinda weird tbh i guess i’ve been watching for a bit now and you get attached to the characters and what they’ve been through. to see everything blow up and the plot twists was just crazy and i took the day off school to watch it too HAHAHAH

  67. You've done amazing work and I can't wait to see what comes in the future. I wish you well in whatever you get up to, you mad bomber you.

  68. I'm truly in love with your writing and acting capabilities, like major props how you spent time and dedication to the craft of the story. BUT now hearing you play DND and even DMing, MAN DOUBLE MAJOR props! Genuinely you should have a mini-series where you DM for people man, whether it be your regular party or people from the SMP (that could get chaotic quick but also lead to hilarious shenanigans) I would binge it. Just keep up the great work and thank you for being an inspiration!

  69. I literally saw this post and was like "wow, this is really accurate" and didn't realize it was Wilbur, the literal writer, who corrected it until after I read the comments XD

  70. I am literally going insane realizing this has all been planned. I so thought you changed your mind last second with the festival, Quakity actually wanted to join Pogtopia cuz he felt like it, and Tubbo wasn’t actually supposed to be murdered. I though schlatt made that up on the spot. My mind is BLOWN. And was Tubbo actually not supposed to be mad at techno that wasn’t just him not really knowing how to express that??? (since he’s all innocent and all haha)

  71. so I have two questions first question: did you plan this all out from the beginning? Second and last question: did every "character" have a script or only certain people?

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