1. I can and do. But one issue with my phone is the charging port is screwed up, and I have to use a wireless charger which has a hard time staying on my phone when I drive. It's stopped on, but even the slightest move and it doesn't want to charge.

  2. I have one. I just hate carrying around it about. Besides, that's no the issue. I can charge my phone in my car anyway. But my phones charging port doesn't work anymore and the touch charger has to be leveled perfectly to charge. And it doesn't like to stay level while I'm driving

  3. I got the Pixel 4 and the battery is a game changer compared to my old Samsung Galaxy. Was pretty affordable too. $399 I think? It doesn't have 5g capabilities though but I'll need a new phone before 5g is big enough to matter.

  4. Any newer gen phone. Just need to adjust some settings. Lower brightness mainly. I have a note10+ and I can run 8 hrs without charging.

  5. If you like androids, get a note version, I have the s21 note and the screen is nice and big and the battery will last for about 6 hours solid dashing. Also get a fast charger for your car, the best is a mount with built in wireless charging. I personally use a 3.0 usbc ( both ends being usbc makes for the fastest possible car charging) and it don't usually plug in my phone till after around 4-6 hours of being out and about. On that note, this phone was like $1300 and I stupidly just set up payments so I'm stuck with paying $150 per month for 3 years directly through verizon....I'll never buy another phone that I can't afford to oay cash for. So the phone is amazing and but I'd never commit to paying that much a cell phone again! It was an impulsive purchase when I quit my 9-5 to do deliveries full time.

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