1. Mfers be using this background to discuss something as serious as pdfilia but make a 40 minute scary and actually a high effort and well edited Conspiracy theory video about some random silly kid's cartoon show

  2. *talks about why a game that still has an active playerbase and constant support is dying for 10.1 minutes

  3. “Guys, [mildly cringe person] is ruining this generation! I can’t believe that humanity has gone this low…”

  4. Guys, [child pngtuber] is so cringe and unfunny! Lets gang up and harass them! That would be super funny and kek!

  5. "So guys these woke 'lie'brals are ruining everything! Let me tell you how- i have met a few of them and they are just the worse!! (Trigger warning ahead!!! See the spoiler at your own risk. If you have a faint heart don't read further!!!) Okay so from my interaction with them it was quite evident that everytime we

  6. “So guys this guy is kind of cringe and he recently got arrested for 40 terabytes of child porn and that’s kind of cringe if you ask me, in my opinion people like this shouldn’t really exist”

  7. I've not watched Pyro enough to know all his slander memes, but he seems to be doing fine and making decent content (at least for me) now.

  8. hey guys let’s bully this disabled person until they kill themselves for the lols. what do you mean I’m toxic? it’s just satire bro like chill out cringe ass snowflake smh

  9. "what do you mean another youtuber is mocking ME??!!! THAT'S HARASSMENT. STOP THAT. Anyway, this kid is LITERALLY 12 and so cringe, let's bully him"

  10. Hey what’s up guys today we’re gonna talk about this cringe cancer cancer cancer cringe cringe cringe cancer cringe pedophile cancer cringe cringe thanks for watching and I’lll see you in the next video.

  11. Or a tiktoker posting random clips except 80% of the fucking screen is CSGO surfing or subway surfers or some random mobile game they were paid to advertise

  12. These YouTubers just get free likes by taking a random tweet that obviously something you can ignore and move on with your life and make an entire video out of it

  13. "I don't really know much about this person but according to my 20 second long Google research they were involved in some YouTube channel or something?"

  14. CS:GO surfing will forever be the best background video game for commentary. Leafy’s content was trash but I ate it up happily. Good times, aside from the fact that I was severely depressed.

  15. as a surfer, they always suck at it so fucking much I can't watch them without physically cringing, it's literally unwatchable

  16. God I remember the days when Leafy was big. I used to love watching his stuff, but just kinda stopped for no reason. Barely a month goes by and suddenly it’s revealed leafy is a piece of shit. Guess it’s good I stopped watching

  17. Alright so today we have a story about a Minecraft kid who punches his teacher in the uhh sensetive male anatomy area if you catch my drift for saying Minecraft is not a school appropriate topic.

  18. "I got scared because of the virus so I jumped out of my chair and when I did my pants slipped down... MOM WHY WON'T YOU BELIEVE ME!?!"

  19. Csgo surfing, there’s a bunch of community servers you can join that have maps like these for surfing. Pretty damn fun too imo

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