1. In Michigan it's so god damn hot and humid my local course was dead. Did I almost die playing in the heat? Perhaps. Are the people staying at home smarter than me? Perhaps.

  2. I played two rounds today, and even the round at 9AM was unbearable. I limped across the 36th green and will be taking the rest of the weekend off lol

  3. I just played a 8.5 hour tournament today in Michigan and it was fucking brutal. It said it was 90 degrees, but felt like 99 degrees with humidity (at some point, it was cooler in the morning). My first tournament though and I played well for my standards, so I was pumped!

  4. Took my son out this morning because it’s his birthday. Had no idea about National Disc Golf day til later. Had the course to ourselves and it was muggy as shit.

  5. Lol, nope. 90% of players on the course at any given time have no idea what UDisc is and definitely have no idea it's national disc golf day.

  6. Last year I played in the morning and evening and remember being surprised it wasn't even particularly busy. This year I already played a tournament this morning, and thinking I'm going to play a league this evening. Get out and play!

  7. Same. I had planned to play today all week, not knowing it was NDGD until after the Udisc alert, but alas lightening killed those plans quick for me. There's always tomorrow.

  8. I went at 10 am to beat the heat in Michigan, ended up shooting 5 under at a local course (Jaycee). Sweating my ass off was worth playing the best round I’ve ever played to date!

  9. I just finished a round and didnt see a single person. Most likely because they juse redesigned the course and its kinda shit now. But hey, once pads are in and the fairways are cleaned up a bit more maybe it will be a polished poop!

  10. Got out for a round at the usual high traffic time and it was just another Saturday. Pace of play was fine and I shot my best round ever. Had no idea it was national disc golf day until after the fact but I for one am happy I went out for a round.

  11. I had a perfectly fine Saturday until Udisc convinced me to go play in the windy rain. Had a terrible round and now I'm bummed out :( I also have a popped rib maybe shouldn't have been playing with...

  12. I went to Mary Moore Searight, it was dead due to being in Seawrong. Nice that it was open but sucks because wrong is an apt description.

  13. Nice. Thanks the heads up. Haven't played MM in a bit. I definitely prefer the normal layout but I enjoy the backwards layout too.

  14. I’ve been getting my solo rounds in at like 9am so it’s not so bad. Usually end up playing through one other group or letting a single through if I’m taking a break. Today wasn’t any different.

  15. I got the notification while mid-tournament rounds today and just thought... well, you don't need to convince me. I'm already here...

  16. Nope. We teed off at 8, saw 1 single player and let them play through. Thought it would be busier since it's in the middle of a park in the center of a city but it wasn't.

  17. Are there really people out there that see it's some bs "national [donut, pizza, ballshaving, whatever] day" and feel the need to go out and participate if they weren't already planning on it independently of the made up unofficial holiday?

  18. Started a round at 1030 and had the entire course to myself the whole time. There's usually 4 or 5 other cards out there at any given time so I was pleased

  19. Played four rounds today at three of the most popular course in my area. Very minimal waiting, and played the last round with a very nice older fella. I like seeing people new and veteran out at the courses.

  20. I read it as "apparently I need to adjust this apps permissions because I already had plans."

  21. Didn't pay attention. Weather was nice, if a little hot. Went out, played, course was busy just like any other nice Saturday.

  22. I went to a local course that is usually very busy on the weekends. The was maybe half the people that are normally there.

  23. I played a local course during peak Saturday evening hours and it was uncharacteristically empty.

  24. I took my dad out for his first time today. Only saw two groups finishing up when we started. The we got rained on the entire round.

  25. went to one of the most popular courses in my city, it was smooth as butter. honestly underpacked from what i was expecting.

  26. I don't think many people really knew about it or forgot it was a thing until like the day before anyways. Idk how many people got out to play specifically because it was national disc golf day. My courses yesterday had the usual crowds.

  27. Wasn't packed at all. Attempted to play a solo round but ended up meeting the nicest dude on the first tee pad. Played 2 rounds together, scored +1 overall. New personal best!

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  29. I was worried that would be the case but it was the least busy I've ever seen my home course on a Saturday. Though that probably has something to do with the 90-95° weather and the 80% humidity

  30. Conveniently it was pouring rain here yesterday, so I had the course to myself. I got the notification about 20 minutes after getting home from my round.

  31. I read it as “get out early”. Which is common sense with the heat. Was at the course at 7:30 and done by 9:30. Random doubles with 5 buddies.

  32. I have a friend who's a bartender and if she's not working on St Patrick's Day she says she never goes out, bc "It's fucking amateur hour." I'll go play Monday at 10am, I'll be fine.

  33. As someone who was in he beverage industry for 25+years, I whole heartedly agree 💯! I'm not in the industry anymore but still won't go out on st paddy's, NYE, Cinco de mayo, and the night before turkey day. There's enough idiots out those nights and I wouldn't want to add one more to those numbers. If you do, tip we'll and thank the staff for doing what they do!

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