1. Disc retriever distance? Or just enough that you’d risk falling? In which case, yeah, for $15 in plastic (just guesstimating) no way worth it

  2. I got one of them grabbers (telescopic fishing pole with a hook on the end) extends out 5 meters and is an absolute godsend to have with me, because, yaknow, magnetic trees.

  3. And this is why I have a kwik stick. It has paid for itself many time over with how many disc I have saved

  4. Just searched it not knowing about them; heck yeah! I hike and other stuff too, this could be super handy in the go-bag!

  5. With how often we have a disc get collected by a pine tree or a water hazard, I probably owe my Kwik stick twice what I paid for it.

  6. This 100% even if it's just to grab it from under a pine tree to avoid digging through those piny branches.

  7. My wife bought me one for my birthday and gave it to me on our way to a round. I used it 4 times to save friends’ discs during that round alone

  8. LOL. I mean I would leave them alone and get my disc. But I had one of these guys as a pet in high school. Have also defended one (waded up to snake and guided it away from humans) being attacked by people throwing rocks & sticks at it in a river.

  9. I'm not familiar with this area but it looks like the water level is low, which concentrates their prey and gives them fewer places to hide. It's basically an all-you-can-eat buffet for these guys (which are harmless Nerodia watersnakes btw).

  10. They would probly run if you went for it but honestly I’ve came across some snakes that just charge you like little kamikaze and wouldn’t wanna be on that slippery mud when it happened.

  11. Haha they were just water snakes! Glad you took this video since there were only two when we passed you, this matches what you were saying.

  12. At least not gators. Guy just had 3 limbs chomped off recently in Largo Florida while trying to retrieve golf discs from a lake.

  13. Damn right. That one is gone. I wouldn’t have even stood there to take that video. Very brave of you.

  14. Assuming this is in TX somewhere - looks like where I play! Haven’t seen snakes in the water, but close to where I’ve had lies. There was a baby copperhead crawling up a tree just inches from where my Bananimus landed

  15. Person from the reptile subs this got reposted in here, these are all harmless water snakes. The video makes it hard to make out details for the specific species and there’s no location so I can’t give a positive ID, but they are all 100% in the Nerodia genus. Most likely Nerodia sipedon/northern water snake. A scratch from your cat would do more damage than a bite from one of these guys, just go grab the disc lol. They’d all choose to swim away before biting anyway, attacking is a last resort for all snakes when they feel cornered.

  16. You mean you abandoned your disk. From my experience there are two types of disc golfers. Those that bring all the discs home and those that look, locate, and fuck it where’s that bowl at?

  17. If you got that disc, or get another of the same type. You need to get a snake stamp on it, and name the disc "Danger Noodle"

  18. When I was growing up my family was really poor but wanted us to still enjoy vacations so we would go stay for 1 or 2 weeks camping. One of the things we would do is get up early and go fishing which would give us a fish fry for lunch if we caught enough. One year we just happened to time it when there was a boom of snakes in the lake and nearly every fish we'd catch would come in with three or four snakes chasing it. We couldn't keep the caught fish in the water because the snakes would come up and bite them. Very interesting experience to say the least.

  19. What kind of snakes? Always worth knowing the snake species in your area as they may not be poisonous.

  20. Their vision is based on movement, as long as you go slow enough they won't even notice you walking through the puddle they all call home and would defend if threatened

  21. Plain Bellied Watersnakes. Totally harmless. Can’t blame them for wanting to play in the water in this heat! Which park is this?

  22. minnesota is great lmao, theres so much shit i dont even have to consider even knowing about worrying about.

  23. They don't appear to be venomous but I guess there could some others out of sight. A disc retriever would have been my move.

  24. Wanna watch me quit disc golf and take up racquetball or some shit? That’s how I quit disc golf and take up racquetball or some shit.

  25. I know this is one of multiple snake videos that will pop up in the upcoming months, but seriously keep a eye out everyone. Came across 2, 4 ft water moccasins today and that's something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy

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