1. I specifically went hunting for Telesto’s Catalyst and maxed it out. I hope it remembers my efforts in my Vex hunts.

  2. I had three drop in the first 10ish runs I did when VOG first came back out. I deleted two of them hoping it would send some RNG back to my fellow guardians. Hope it drops for you soon!

  3. Yep....... I'm not at 123 at the time of writing this post my buddy joined me got it in 4 runs and left I heard that someone hot it on 280

  4. Got in a really toxic fireteam and at atheon they were losing their shit because one of them kept messing up. Finally got to the end. It drops for me. They got pissed and I left :) 13th run.

  5. Just doing it with randoms in lfgs got it 5th completion. The sacrifices to the rng gods was worth it. They allowed me to get vex at the cost of getting exotics from legendary lost sectors

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