1. Let's hope they are listening to current feedback before it comes out. It's still a trailer and changes may still be made.

  2. Bluepoint: man people are going to be excited by this rebuilt remake! DeS community: meh it's ok...but what about my fluted armour?!?!

  3. Bluepoint devs: Hey remember the iconic realistic armor set of Demon's Souls? Yeah it looks stupid. Can we literally just turn it into

  4. You’re being needlessly mean to the developers. The new set isn’t even bad, just different.

  5. What annoys me is that there's no need to change it. It literally does nothing except piss people off who like the iconic set from the original game.

  6. this is literally the coolest armor set in the soulsborne series (atleast for me) please, they cant change something so iconic like this so badly.

  7. It might not stop there. Already looks like some huge changes in other areas as well. A lot of it looks very good, but we can't count on everything being better than the original.

  8. Why is this change necessary? This is an iconic piece of armor its only going to piss off fans

  9. It's definitely worse, but I think they were going for the Dark Souls look where they mix in cloth and such for variety's sake, which I can appreciate. The game was mostly metal armour.

  10. why the hell would they change this.......its like if they made a dark souls 4 with no elite knight set, or a fallout 5 with no t45 power armour like that is the games mascot. Its disrespect to the fans. We dont want something different we want the iconic set from the original. I hate when developers do this shit.

  11. Eh, I'd be fine with it. They were just meaningless cheater fodder in the end, and we souls players can make our own goals and challanges to conquer

  12. Well, it's a remake with its own identity, and this armor is kind of its mascot. I get why they'd want a redesigned mascot. I just hope the og fluted armor is still in the game, or at least the helmet.

  13. But this "redesigned mascot" literally just looks like any plate armor set from later souls games

  14. OMFG you guys have been lusting after a DeS remake for years and now that we are finally getting one all you do is complain! You don't even deserve it you pricks.

  15. Come on, there's nothing wrong with being critical, it can even serve as feedback for the devs if enough people are vocal about it.

  16. Fuck off pal, so fans of a game aren't allowed to have any opinion on it that diverges from yours? Otherwise we don't "deserve" the game at all? Maybe you should stop being an overzealous fanboy and let us critique the art design at a point where it can still be amended

  17. It's a good thing Bluepoint is an American company because they might actually listen to your feedback on this. Also, to me it looks a little unfinished and less detailed. It might be a placeholder."subject to change" and all that trailer nonsense. Otherwise, the helmet is the only really egregious error

  18. It’s far from a travesty, but I get why people would be upset. However this is by no means a big deal in the grand scheme of things and it’d be nice if this community could calm down a bit with making every small change a huge deal.

  19. A good compromise will be to have the classic set still in the game somewhere. But I doubt it'll appear.

  20. Unpopular opinion, I like the new helmet better than the old one, but everything else is terrible. Why is there a neck gap? What happened to his plated/brigandine thighs?!

  21. I mean it’s not awful but it’s not Demon’s Souls I much rather prefer the original to this. The Neck armor always felt impractical but so fucking awesome at the same time so I can see why everyone is pissed off.

  22. I'm kinda crossing my fingers now that the OG fluted armor has been upgraded to Elite Knight status and is found later in the game all shiny and chrome.

  23. I'm also in favor of this. The old fluted set is far better looking, and better fitting to the original games theme.

  24. Kind of an inconsequential thing to nitpick. Like I understand that people want this game to be just like the original, but small changes like this and the Flamelurker design really aren't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.

  25. the original armor is the most iconic design from demon's souls. they should not have changed it at all.

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