1. I know her name is Geiru, you don’t need to correct me. This is funnier. That is my full extent of knowledge on this woman.

  2. What makes this funny to me is I'm making a Tsumugi cosplay (taking a Reddit break) and I do have a bigger chest. I will be the Tsumugi this post is trying to be.

  3. "It turns out what the internet really likes is balloons! I thought it was breasts but, hey, you can't argue with the numbers!"

  4. I mean, Tsumugi is already packed, she just doesn't have the confidence to trot her stuff into popularity, I mean...Have you seen her CGs??

  5. Tsumugi having bigger breasts would not make her a better person. Junko has bigger breasts but I hate her. In fact I hate both Junko and Tsumugi.

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