1. Belgium doesn't exist. Just like how Denmark doesn't exist as well, It's just a an illusion made by our esteemed Reptilian-Alien Overlord.

  2. You mean Ruining Europe? Killing millions of Europeans in war and now to see Europe becoming the new Khalifat as in middle east shit hole with all the "refugees"? Hitler not only genocide Jews but by his own hands genocide the white race in Europe.

  3. Well, technically the Germans didn't have long-barelled cannons on their tanks when they invaded Poland yet. They only had the machine gun armed Panzer 1's and 2's as well as some 37mm armed Czech tanks (Panzer 3's and 4's come a bit later)

  4. Good, i just started practicing my German again. Never know when they are going after Norway. Was a surprise last time, but we’re just as ready now

  5. My brother had a traumatic brain injury and for a while all he could move was his hand. So we would come in the room in the hospital and be like “Troy you still in there”? And he would flick us off. He has since passed away in hospice so thank you for this post 😭😭

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