1. I was getting tired of the early 2000s tacky removable stereo so I looked up a stereo with a factory feel. I figured it would be very difficult to find an OEM stereo and I also wanted Bluetooth capability.

  2. Did you get the new version with bluetooth and modern amenities or did you find an old used one? I've been trying to get one for my 80s not Honda and boy are they expensive

  3. I've been thinking about putting a bluetooth unit behind the dash and speakers back in. I have 3x gauge adapter in my DIN slot and i don't need anything else than bluetooth audio.

  4. I put a 1991 pull out clarion in and just wired the power so it lights up then put a modern Kenwood under it and wired everything to that. Then covered it with an abs hinged plate so it just kinda looks like nothing.

  5. looks good, do you know which bluetooth version it uses? how long does it usually take for your phone to pair? My JVC HU can take upwards of a whole minute to pair sometimes, really annoying when you want to just hop in the car and go.

  6. I’m not exactly sure what type of Bluetooth it uses but it will auto pair with my phone if I have it on me in maybe 3-4 seconds when I turn on the stereo. So far it seems pretty seamless it get in the car and music will start playing. I think just once so far it failed to connect but it doesn’t seem to be a reoccurring issue

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