1. “Number 39 with rice” made you stop the video, too? The contestant seemed to laugh it off but I just can’t bear this behavior

  2. I watched through the whole thing and there’s so much more disgusting bullshit from the judges. And I think the first shit comment is “I’m sorry” from the lady for the contestant saying his name. Wtf

  3. Racists and morons. The guy on the right also says at 3:30 minutes "You look like a scientist". What the fuck does that even mean?

  4. Gordon (the guy making the racist comments and laughing about himself) is a coke sniffing has been. He makes these kind of statements, sexualizes other men(he's gay) and acts like all of that is ok. But when people say ANYTHING about him he goes off.

  5. Wow, as an Australian I get nervous when we start embarrassing ourselves with this sort of shit, but holy crap, that was bad. Straight up 80’s “Ching Chong Chinaman” jokes. With him having to do the strained laugh just to make sure he doesn’t sabotage his chances of going through to the next round.

  6. At least the one judge on the left said at the end to the one of the right "You can't say things like that to people."

  7. So racist and disrespectful. Is this what passes as humour?! It pained my soul from the first “I’m sorry” about the man’s name. I had to stop after the ridiculous menu joke. If there was more, then I’m glad that I exited. Absolute idiots up there whose careers should be over.

  8. Well tbh you don’t know that. You don’t know anything about the judges and all you know about the singer is saw him sing one song. Take a chill pill

  9. jesus this is like the susan boyle thing plus racism...imagine charlie brooker digging into these judges the way he did hers

  10. Could this guy be more butthurt about Susan Boyle? Lol what is even the point of this show?

  11. There are only two things I can't stand in this world: People who are intolerant of other people's cultures….. and the Dutch.

  12. As someone who has spent a fair amount of time in Belgium and the Netherlands, this is unsurprising. They’re racist to each other just for being from a different part of the country or speaking a different dialect. Every single culture has some amount of racism baked into it, sadly.

  13. It’s always presented as “harmless” banter but it actually is straight-up racism which is just disgusting. But apparently many people in the Netherlands will never admit to being racist or having said something racist, because “they didn’t mean something to be racist but only as a joke”.

  14. How do you be racist to someone for being from a different part of the same country, racist isn’t the word you’re looking for

  15. Anyone who thinks the US is racist has obviously never traveled anywhere in their lives. What I have seen in Europe and Japan are worse than the US. Hell, in Japan there are restaurants that won’t let you come in if you are a foreigner. In Europe you hear monkey sounds in the stands directed at black players from the opposing teams and no one bats an eye

  16. Similar to the US were rednecks make fun of Yankees ND Yankees make fun of rednecks for how they talk and their little idioms and phrases. That's not racism tho....

  17. Dude comes into their country, makes an effort to try and actually learn the language and participate in the culture instead of isolating himself like some other cultures do, and they have the gall to treat him like this? Fuck i feel bad for him

  18. He was speaking English lol that’s not the language of the Netherlands. Being able to say “hello” and “thank you” in Dutch does not count as learning the language and I know that’s what he was saying because I can read the Chinese subtitles

  19. This level of ignorance and cringe is basically a reflection and the epitome of these kinds of shows in the first place.

  20. Yep, this is about on par with what I’ve come to expect from the Netherlands. It’s lovely here, such tolerant people. /s

  21. Gordon is a national embarrassment. His fellow judges are dying from second hand shame and he doesn't even notice. Why do people still put this guy on tv?

  22. So just recently there was a national scandal here because some guy basically admitted on live TV to raping a woman years ago, and it was all a big joke to him and everyone around him.

  23. For a little extra context: The show he was on is Veronica Inside, which was basically the coninuation of Voetbal Inside which was basically just a bunch of old men talking about football while surrounded by other men. So the whole show was already this typical boys club situation. Fortunately the backlash was huge as well so it's not like Dutch society as a whole just tolerates this.

  24. Christ. They were trying really hard to be racist. Every goddamn word out of their mouths. I mean, I know there were lots of editing going on, but I guess they decided to pack in all the racism.

  25. I can safely say that a good chunk of the Dutch population is appalled by this man and his obnoxious comments. Highly embarrassed of this performance as a Dutchie, but overall we are a very accepting people.

  26. Who ever said otherwise? A large chunk of the country votes for explicitly racist political parties. It's not a secret at all lol.

  27. Im a dutch person and i know that this man is one of the most hated persons in my country. This man is also being very disrespectful towards old people and people with disablities. Even tho not many people like him, he still present many tv-shows

  28. This dude is getting a PHD is an insane vocalist, is (at least) bilingual and working on speaking Dutch. I feel like the judges are being pieces of shit because they’re jealous of how talented the contestant is.

  29. Reminds me of that one time I was watching Lulu Chu's Bangbus scene and the guy did several unorginal asian stereotype jokes and expected a great response/ reaction, boring uninspired racist jokes just make you seem racist, you have to be funnier than you are offensive and that guy seemed to enjoy teasing him a bit too far, this is getting a 畏缩 from me my dawgs

  30. If you look Asian don't go to the Netherlands if you don't want to randomly get racist jokes hurled at you while walking outside. Now of course it's not the majority, but it's still common since they consider it to be a joke.

  31. Every one of them who did not acknowledge his abhorrent behavior is complacent. A simply disgusting example of humanity. He should be at least fired, and dismissed from public contributions.

  32. Xiao means small in Chinese, and Wang means penis in English, so if that was the intent the first bit could have been a decent non-racist joke. But yeah the rest is pretty rough

  33. If she doesn’t know how to say “yes”, there’s no way she knows the word for “small”. She was just being rude

  34. If you're gonna cross off countries based on what shitty people on bottom-of-the-barrel reality TV shows are like you're not going to be visiting a lot of countries. I promise you we're not all xenophobic rich white gay tv personalities here.

  35. Imagine being so sensitive you deprive yourself of experiencing a whole country because of a micro aggression

  36. i know it's a thing that eats itself (as the austin powers joke references), but in my experience, holland does seem to have a high frequency of people who are particularly clueless about what is appropriate with race-based comments. i have friends all over the world, and it seems like dutch people are the ones that most often need little lesson in how what they said was straight up racist. i know it's just anecdotal, but it's definitely a thing in my experience.

  37. Videos like these are actually a good reminder how much more progressive the States are when it comes to race regardless of how the media makes it seem. Crazy that you can get away with this in such a developed country like the Netherlands. If a judge tried this on America’s Got Talent, they’d be cancelled and fired after the commercial break

  38. Gordon, the man laughing at his own godawful jokes, did get a lot of backlash when this happened in 2013. He didn’t get canceled unfortunately but if he’d do this today he wouldn’t get away with it. I do feel ashamed seeing him make these comments on one of the biggest tv programs of that time.

  39. In my opinion a lot of Europeans are more racist and more open about being racists than Americans. This sort of comment would never be allowed to be aired in the US on a talent show.

  40. Can we blow this up again? This infuriates me so much. Wang is nothing but respectful and absolutely crushes the competition and these racist remarks are absolutely unnecessary. What the fuck does "you look like a scientist" even mean? It's disgusting and I hope the judges were reprimanded.

  41. Even the first time when he said his name and she said "That's okay," could almost be a joke inadvertently because in Chinese the word 小 means little and Wang is in Chinese likely King but we always use it in English as like a slang for penis

  42. “That’s ok” by itself is pretty harmless. Western people struggle with eastern names. It’s a bit cliche at this point but not particularly offensive. The rest of this though.. yikes

  43. I was like.. it just a curtal thing right? Maybe coming from a place of ignorance? Then I watch the video.. nah.. they are just pieces of shit.

  44. PhD student insulted by a man with barely a High School education. That's cool. How are these assholes allowed on TV?

  45. Because actual smart people are not in the market for TV game show judge gigs, unless they happen to already be successful entertainment industry pros. The judge you’ve never heard of and isn’t a pop star is likely from the bottom rung of society but is just atttactive/charming enough to get onto tv

  46. There have been several incidents in sports too of Euro teams doing the “pulling your eye corners so you look Asian” gestures. It’s still pretty common or even accepted there ?

  47. And when the horrible comments ended, what better song to play than “Don’t Stop Believing” to see him offstage

  48. There is a reason why the Dutch are considered evil. Take Dr. Evil for example. Him and Austin Powers are brothers but Dr. Evil was lost and raised by the Dutch. Don’t believe me there is a whole documentary about it.

  49. Dude on the left didn't really make any racist comments, only that he didn't expect that voice from "someone who looks like you", which could be taken as racist because of the other judges comments, but I think it was a harmless compliment. He also chastised the racist Judge at the end saying "you really can't say that stuff to people". The other 2 judges though, fuck em.

  50. That was a whirlwind of emotion. We have rasicm, a lot of copy paste in the audience, actual talent, switching languages then “Don’t Stop Believin.” The best and worst thing I’ve seen all day.

  51. I hate to say this is on brand for the Dutch. I used to work with a couple Dutch guys and on orange shirt day (an important day of recognition of murdered indigenous children in Canada) they joked that I was repping for their football team even though they knew full well what the day was about (plus my shirt fucking said “in memory of our stolen children” on it). They managed to catch a warning from management for discriminatory speech for that.

  52. Nothing racist about it. Barely cringe too. The only cringe thing was the number 39 with rice joke. Just a lame joke. People are so brainwashed nowadays into thinking this is offensive .. on behalf of the participant none the less.. THAT is more cringe than this video. It's the judges job to crack jokes.. it's a TV show. The guy sang amazingly and they all loved him.

  53. It would be no different than if the guy was black and he said “oh just came right from the kfc did ya?” It’s pretty fucked up.

  54. Imagine going to another country as a minority to perform live in front of a bunch of people and the judge asks you "What is your act? Are you going to fuck your sister on stage?"

  55. The number 39 with rice joke was the only one that actually had elements of humor (not that it was very creative or cool to say). I dunno how you don’t like that but somehow found the rest tolerable

  56. This comment section.is cringe. Now THIS is the Reddit I got used to before I took a year off from this swamp of a website.

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