1. Why thank you! I have a spoonflower and a society6 but I'm still working on putting my newer designs up on there. You can find me as Landofquin on society6 and Derek_Quinlan on spoonflower!

  2. That's such a great idea! I was thinking snapback hats, socks, bandanas, anything like that it would be perfect. His Instagram is @landofquin and actually has some designs on shirts that really illustrate the point.

  3. This gives me vibes of the crypt keeper meets Spiderman's green goblin, but in an inspired by not ripping off kind of way. Very cool work!

  4. I saw 'beware the moon' and then couldn't find it. Saw this and I immediately knew it was also your work. Fantastic stuff.

  5. Just took a look through your posts - I would totally use them all as wrapping paper for certain friends. They've got great patterns to them.

  6. Is this not considered a tessellation? I got down voted on your last one for say that they are my favorite.

  7. whelp, now time to reorganize the entire look of my phone layout based around this. This is dope art. Will be excited to look at this every time i open my phone.

  8. That’s some psychobilly chic right there. Please make a fabric print out of this. I want to make an entire dress out of it.

  9. Not related at all but i found this spanish German? Vid Called Pou in irl IT was in spanish or German should i show the video? ALSO ITS PRETTY weird like u WOULD SAY wtf Is this

  10. I love this work. I wonder if he’ll ever do a Stephen King theme. I would buy the shit out of that.

  11. Trope.....I'm surprised you can spell trope! And my grammar is just fine. Now put aside the keyboard and go see what your mom wants! Leave the comment icon alone and kick rocks KID!

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