1. I've had this symptom (and still do), even when my blood pressure had fallen so low that one nurse was convinced the monitor was broken, and another nurse said she would've whisked me to the emergency department if I hadn't been sitting upright and talking lucidly. It might be something to do with damage or inflammation in blood vessels, or with vagus nerve damage causing some sort of dysregulation.

  2. I have the same issue and I have pericarditis and pericardial effusion. I didn’t have the racing heart or skipped beats the way others have described with COVID. My COVID was very mild. Go to the doctor or walk-in clinic, explain that you had COVID and explain what you’re experiencing. You know when your body is off.

  3. Same here. 6 months post covid now. It never went away. Did many ECGs and also other heart tests- all normal.

  4. I need to go test it. But I don’t think so, because I’ve had this at other points in my life and my blood pressure was normal

  5. I have the same issue and I'm curious if its some sort of muscle spasm? I'll hear it in my ear but when checking my pulse it doesn't line up.

  6. I have the same issue, even when my HR is low. I'm on Ivabradine to bring it down to 55-60bpm, same like you. It's much better to have the palpiations without the tachycardia, but still very uncomfy. The truth in my case is that they're benign thankfully. I had long covid, but the heart issues were brought on my the pfizer booster. Madness!

  7. Exact same with me and I’m at 6 months of my long haul. I notice it’s worse after working out or eating a big meal. I’ve been to the doctor for it, got an ECG, and it came back normal. Hopefully it goes away with time

  8. Oof. I get random tinnitus after orgasm with sex when my heart rate is really pounding. 😂 Luckily I usually don’t have it otherwise

  9. Longhauler since September 20’ here, I have it 24/7 sometimes on the high level, sometimes on the low ones but it’s always there. At first I totally freaked out, my doctor sent me to every possible heart test, all of them came back clear and the cardiologist told me things like: “your tests results look great just cut out coffee and coke”

  10. Thanks! I’m not too worried about it, but was just hoping to hear stories like yours to see if it’s benign or if it means anything.

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