1. I mean at this point, it's confirmed for me. Now we must understand why/how it stays in the body and how to treat it.

  2. Wdym it is confirmed for you? As in you have had testing done on yourself or you are saying there is enough evidence by now to believe it yourself?

  3. This along with the fact that dogs can sniff out long Covid suffers with 90% accuracy means there’s 100% some sort of viral persistence Atleast in a subset of long haulers. If the dogs are that accurate there has to be something their noses are picking up on that’s floating around in our bodies.

  4. Valid question. I think it was mentioned that spike protein itself is easily broken down but if this is indeed the case then the only explanation would be continues creation of more spike (i.e. replication).

  5. With the SARS virus from 2002-04, they found the virus “hijacked” certain cells survival pathways to persistence, specifically JNK, PI3K, perhaps these or other cell survival mechanisms stopping the infected cells from dying

  6. It’s also important to note that even in the Patterson fb group most of the people aren’t testing positive for the spike proteins anymore but are still experiencing their long haul symptoms. So take that info however you like

  7. I think the only way to take it is that the range of responses is ridiculously complex among different demographics..previous and existing issues, overall health, fitness, weight, lifestyle.. something for the Venn nerds to work out I reckon..

  8. His theory does not need viral persistence right? Just these long lived monocytes carrying the spike protein. Wondering how strong evidence finding spike protein is for viral persistence..

  9. No, his spike test has shown that lots of us dont have RNA fragments, at least in the blood. My results came back with .2% positive for spikes. Thats either an anomaly or not enough to cause such horrible symptoms. People have reported results up to like 20%.

  10. This is indeed a big paper. Initially, I thought viral persistence was an unlikely hypothesis, but now there's strong evidence of it. Now we need to find out the causal relationship between viral persistence and long Covid. Are viral fragments a cause, or an effect of the pathology? Is there replicating virus hiding somewhere, or are we just dealing with dead "junk"? Either way, why isn't the immune system clearing it out?

  11. And then for vaccine longhaulers who have the same symptoms as us, can viral persistence also explain this, or something else?

  12. I want to know more. I was convinced I had a circulating tiny clot because i could feel it moving and causing transient pain in different parts of my body. But then I got tested and there was no clots.

  13. Is spike protein the same as virus though? As spike is in the vaccine? There’s so many vax long haulers now and they have the exact same symptoms.

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