1. Know your city and restaurants . I have all apps open n take the best ones that come in. at first it may get overwhelming having everything going off at the same time. I never take more then 2 though. If they are going same general area then of course take it and drop off like normal. If there’s a maybe 10 min difference or more I’ll tell people “hey I have a dropoff/pickup before yours but I’ll be there asap” never had a problem so far. I have 2 different hot bags so I’ll separate orders that way. 1st drop off up front with me n the other in the back that way they won’t be any confusion. The rest you learn as you go n take more orders . Use your judgement on all orders

  2. Don't mark an order as picked up until you're actually on route for its delivery. As long as you're at the restaurant when you mark arrived you can leave it hanging as unpicked up as long as you need.

  3. I’ve only done two so far. They make my anxiety levels rise, but if you can do it properly, without messing up one of the orders it can be profitable. I had one come in when I was literally in the restaurant and I asked and the other order was ready. and they were only about seven minutes apart so I took both of them. I picked up from a restaurant, and was delivering to a shop next to the other restaurant I was picking up from. I knew it would be close, but I didn’t know it was going to be -deliver the order then walk next-door and get the other order. I see too many people on here worrying about getting deactivated because they’re continually late picking up orders. It would be helpful if the maps were more precise about where I’m going, but I’m stuck with an iPhone 8 right now so…

  4. First of all know that it does make you a little anxious. Especially in my case when sometimes on the weekends both apps combine 2 orders and that totals to 4 orders but I also know my area really well and the restaurants / pickups. I never do shopping orders. So Idk which two apps you plan on using but always be very vigilant about time. If you can comment which specific apps you are using, I can probably give detailed tips if I use one of the apps.

  5. I use DD UE and Grubhub. I’d say know your city but also know how the apps work in your city. For instance I know if it’s UE or DD it is most likely ready unless it’s at one of my flagged places during business hours. I know grub hub usually keeps me waiting so I will not rush to get there. In my area DD has the bulk of the orders. I pretty much keep the phone on DD and use para to look at the orders I’m getting from GH and UE. Most of the time I am only doing I order at a time. If I get something headed in the same direction I’ll take it but i more so use it to better my odds that my time is spent on an order worth taking instead of sitting in a parking lot waiting for the perfect order. I also live in a small city, I imagine if I was in a bigger city I might be taking more orders across apps at the same time

  6. It’s not often I get two that work… know your restaurant… I like getting new orders on app A right before I drop off the other order from app B. Keeps it moving…

  7. If you know your area well it's actually not that difficult. I just try to find two (or more) orders headed the same general direction from the same restaurant (or block of restaurants). Even if you have to go a mile or two out of your way for a delivery, it's pretty rare the 2nd customer even seems to notice.

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