1. Mine insists on having to be closer to me than my other dog 🤣 he'll literally climb on top the pillows in bed if it means he gets to be closer

  2. This is mine. All my pillows are flat because of it. And if she's not on my pillows, she's between my legs, or on my side. She has to cuddle.

  3. My corgi cuddles when and for exactly how long she wants to 😂 But I’m also not that cuddly myself so maybe she’s reading into that I wouldn’t want a Velcro dog

  4. My cardigan is selective about cuddling. She’ll cuddle my husband more than me, but she has to sleep between both of us, but only after 2am…she’s just more cat like in her attention seeking. She also didn’t start becoming more affectionate until about 3 or 4 (she’s 6). I cried a lot when we first got her because I thought she hated me. 😝

  5. My cardigan is fairly similar. She'll cuddle/snuggle, but it's on her own terms. If she's sleepy cause she had a daycare day, she's more snuggly. Also when it's cold. In the summer, she's off on her own usually. And at night, she'll say goodnight to us and then head under the bed. I always wake up with her on the bed between my wife and I though. Your comment about cat like is spot on. Cardigan's seem to be a fairly cat like dog, ha.

  6. 2 year old Corgi and he will snuggle you to no end. Both myself and my girlfriend have fallen asleep on his butt and he won't move a muscle, loves a good snugg.

  7. Mine is 1.5 years old and JUST started being cuddly. I’ve been training him with string cheese (he gets a small piece if he lays on me) and it’s finally paying off

  8. Mine is 1.5 years too and has started becoming cuddlier too! He’s starting coming up at night and snuggling right in while we sleep. No day cuddles though 😂

  9. My corgi is cuddling up to my side right now. When I come home from work, she likes to lay on my should and rest her head on my face. She is a big time cuddler.

  10. My 5 month old rarely cuddles and if he does it is on his terms. He has to come to me. If i go to him he growls and I back off or he just gets up and goes somewhere else.

  11. I don't want to be annoying but I do want to just say - if you walk away when he growls/snaps you are reinforcing that behavior and increasing the likelihood it will keep happening.

  12. Our first corgi was a cuddle machine. He loved being picked up and snuggled. Our year old boy tolerates it. When he’s tired or it’s time for bed, he’ll lie up against us but he’s not nearly as cuddly as our first.

  13. My boy is just learning to cuddle. He is almost 8 months now so I’m hoping he learns to like it even more. He has had no chill since day one. He’s always on the go.

  14. All I have one who absolutely has to cuddle at all times, one who gets jealous and wants to cuddle, and one who has to cuddle because she gets lonely the other 2 aren’t laying with her. I don’t have much of a bed to myself anymore.

  15. Our four month old is a huge cuddle bug. She has to consume chews or play with her toys while laying on human foot. Loves to snuggle under your chin. It’s my favorite thing

  16. My 4 year old boy would prefer to sleep on top of my head. Since that's not sustainable, his second favorite spot is in between my legs.

  17. Mine was not cuddly at all when he was a puppy. He would always wanna be in eye sight and near me but never cuddly. Now that he’s almost two, he cuddles on HIS time and only his time. He always has to be touching me when we sleep or beside me on the couch but rarely cuddle cuddles, unless he’s getting scratches😂

  18. My girl just turned 4 and will cuddle when she wants to. But it has to be on her terms and usually will only cuddle for a few min. Loves attention and petting but likes her alone time as well.

  19. My Elizabeth gets on my absolute nerves at bedtime insisting on being a living teddy bear. I’ve had a cold the past few nights and really wanted to not have a warm corgi snuggled up next to me, alas she was having none of it. My Augie is 50-50. He likes to cuddle but when he’s done he’s done.

  20. Add to that - if Elizabeth feels like Augie has had enough time cuddling with me she turns into Cujo the corgi and I have to put him back off the bed. (My bed is too high for him to jump up and down.)

  21. I have a nine year old corgi and even back when she was a puppy she loved to cuddle. She just loves human attention in general

  22. My 10 month old Cardigan male has always been friendly but it wasn't until this month that he became seriously snuggly. My breeder told me to get a male over a female if I wanted a cuddlebug and I guess she was right! He is currently curled up next to me as I type this. Every morning he wakes up at 6:30 AM and wants to move to the living room. I go back to sleep on the couch and he literally climbs on top of me to fall back asleep until 8 AM.

  23. My four year old corgi loves to give people "hugs" where she lays her head on your chest. Doesn't last super long, but she loves sleeping while touching people. She also likes to spoon me while I lay on the couch, and will aggressively nose my back to allow her behind me when she wants to cuddle. If anyone is upset she also will cuddle and press her head against your head and lick your face. She's super sweet. She didn't become cuddly though until she was six months old.

  24. Our 9 month old Pembroke loves a cuddle, especially if he's tired, and it's at his level - sitting or laying on the floor/couch, doesn't like to be picked up for cuddles.

  25. My 3-year-old corgi dislikes any touching. She likes to be at a comfortable proximity of 1 meter: if you come to her to pet her, she will stand up and escape 1 meter away. But it has been like that every since we got her: at the breeder her siblings came to us immediately to greet us, meanwhile she hid under a chair and came to us after everybody left. So if you want a cuddly corgi, let your breeder or shelter know that to avoid disappointment!

  26. Buttons was never a cuddler. It was always on her terms. Now with Bruno, we have had him starting at week 10, and trying to encourage him to cuddle with us...we can only hope he's a cuddler.

  27. My last corgi liked pets, but would not cuddle at all, I couldn’t even get her to sleep in the same room as me. My current corgi is all about the cuddles.

  28. I had two (uncle and nephew) the uncle was a selective cuddler it had to be on his terms and only with me, but the nephew was a cuddler with anyone and everyone and ALL THE TIME!

  29. My cardigan is 10 months and loves to cuddle but from early puppyhood I always had him come lay in my lap (we taught “lap” as a command) in hopes that he’d like to cuddle later - so far looks like it stuck, he’ll crawl onto us and relax / fall asleep without prompting :)

  30. Domino and Sprocket absolutely love to cuddle - but each one wants their own time. If you have more than one you need to schedule time specifically just to love on each individual

  31. For the first two years I was convinced he was permanently aloof. He would stay across the room and stare. Then when he got to 3 or 4 he would occasionally come over and cuddle for a few minutes until he had enough and would curl up across the couch. At around 5 years, he started demanding pets every morning and enjoyed cuddling. So it was a slow process.

  32. I have one of each. My oldest never liked to cuddle. He's usually in a completely different room from everyone else. My youngest wants to be everywhere the people are and will cuddle with his favorite person first, then if that person isn't home, he will cuddle with the other person.

  33. My first corgi didn’t like snuggles but she was very sweet and friendly. The current one is wayyyyy more feisty but loves laying on me when she’s tired at night.

  34. Our little Obi will do whatever he can to be as near to me as possible. I work from him and he often falls asleep with his head on my feet under the desk. He is definitely a cuddler but it does generally have to be his idea. If you try and force a cuddle he almost always tries to wiggle out. Drives my wife crazy haha

  35. My cardigan is a bit of a toss up, one moment he doesn’t want to be touched and then another he will lay on me expecting a belly rub. He’s more cuddly when he’s tired usually in the later evening.

  36. Ours is constantly trying to be held. Just absolutely loves contact, very much a velcro dog. We feel very fortunate lol

  37. My previous corgi did not cuddle, but my 16 month old can’t get enough of it. Sleeps on my stomach, crawls onto my chest, just has to be near me, it’s the sweetest

  38. Both my corgis are cuddle bugs. Just my big guy max just gets hot so he’ll start the night touching me but move to the foot of the bed in front of the fan. My lil girl penelope sleeps around my head on my pillow lol

  39. 4.5 female, does not cuddle. Will lean on us in bed. But I think that’s just for warmth and to keep her head elevated.

  40. Like everything with corgis, it’s on their terms. Our 3 year old is really just recently ok with snuggling with us and that’s usually only for a little while. Our 11 month old pup likes to lay on my chest, but then gets distracted.

  41. Cuddling happens on his terms. He is very much into cuddling with my wife. He cuddles with me mostly when she isn't around. But even when he is not cuddling he will always be laying close to us, not leaving us out of his sight and following us around the house.

  42. Mine will lay in the bed, even rest their head on my stomach. They do not like to be hugged however, with my oldest going into full whine mode within a minute or so.

  43. My Cardigan is 2 and not very cuddly. He is most cuddly when we really need to get out of bed but we can't because he is finally letting us cuddle.

  44. My corgi is cuddly on his terms. I can’t make him cuddle when I want it, but I he enjoys it when it’s his idea!

  45. Our 1 year old Hercules is a total cuddle bug. I once read (maybe on this sub) that boy Corgis are more affectionate than girl Corgis. Our lil boy is sweet and snuggly and appropriate with strangers but he is also a fierce protector when it comes to keeping deer, skunks, squirrels etc out of the yard lol I love corgis so much

  46. I have a cuddle corg. I think it’s because I showered him with love and affection all day everyday when I got him since I work from home.

  47. If someone is sitting on the floor our Corgi will be laying against them insisting on being cuddled. She doesn’t want to be on the furniture. She is a ground Corgi.

  48. I honestly think it depends on their personalities. I have three corgis. My 9 year old male likes to be touching me but cannot touch/pet him or he will leave. My 7 year old female does not cuddle at all and prefers laying in her bed. Lastly, my 1 year old is attached to me like glue and doesn’t leave me alone and I will wake up with him under the covers and his head on my pillow.

  49. Honestly our corgi is very needy and always wants to be touching or in our lap. We probably should have trained him better because it’s a problem now that we have a toddler and he always wants to be underfoot

  50. We had two corgis that were littermates (a litter of two but y'know). One didn't like cuddling, the closes he would was lying with his head on my foot. The other loved snuggling, she'd like burrow into you.

  51. My boy was too independent as a puppy to want to be held or cuddled or anything. Now that he's older (almost 2) he's become a real cuddle bug, especially at bedtime.

  52. I have two. My 9 year old bigger boy just likes pets, and cuddled a little as a baby. My 1.5 year old girl requests to come up a few times a day on the couch for cuddles, but the breeder carried her fluffy butt around like a baby so I think she was conditioned for it.

  53. Mine sleeps directly under my chin at night and takes frequent cuddle breaks during the day. BUT, he didn't start cuddling until he was about 9 months old

  54. Mine loves to cuddle aggressively (roll around in our laps) for a minute or two, and then go hang out alone at the other end of the couch for three hours.

  55. I have 3. The oldest will cuddle next to me for a little bit if I call her over, then go off to her favorite places. She will only sleep at night under the bed, but will begin the night on my pillow until I get in bed. The second oldest will seek to cuddle up, but will grumble if you pet him too much. He likes to cuddle near me at night. The third will stand on me to “win” me over the others, and insists on/wants the most pets and will lick my nose in thanks, but only cuddles at night, never in the daytime. All different personalities! I need a bigger bed.

  56. Mine is not really a cuddly girl. She's never been that way. She loves attention on her terms and favors my husband over everyone else in the family. She's 6 years old and I don't imagine she'll ever change.

  57. Ours is more about proximity than physical cuddling. He wants to be nearby, he will put his butt up against you on the couch but doesn’t want pet or snuggled for too long. He is a fuzzy shadow who will follow you around all day.

  58. My 2 year old Pembroke is a champion cuddler. He will climb in my lap any chance he gets and he’s always on my feet. He may not stick around for very long at times, but he’s never going to turn down an opportunity to get some cuddles.

  59. My Pembroke is all over me One cardigan MUST lay on top of me nonstop Second cardigan needs to be touching me Third cardigan likes it but gets over heated fast so I get about 5-10 minutes before he lays by the vent

  60. Mine will pretend to not cuddle but as soon as I act like I’m asleep she nuzzled on top of my head or into my back of shoulder when I’m sleeping.

  61. Both of my corgis cannot be close enough to me at all times. The only time they don’t want to cuddle is if they are too hot!

  62. Ours wasn’t very cuddly while she was growing up. But she will be a year old in a couple of weeks and she’s started cuddling with me on the couch. It’s been so nice compared to her normal chaos. Lol

  63. My 5yr old male corgi loves to cuddle next to me on the couch and sleep up by my head or rest his head in the crook of my neck while I'm sleeping. He likes to be close. As a puppy he wasn't very snuggly though.

  64. Mine is more like a cat. But I also got him at a year and a half. I don’t think he was really held as a puppy. The family I got him from kept him in his crate a lot.

  65. My boy is super snuggly. Often sleeps behind my knees or next to my back. Climbs onto my lap to nap when I’m watching TV. Very sweet boy. 4 years old.

  66. My girl is 4 and if she’s not running around like a wild woman, she’s usually laying on or near me. She doesn’t pay my husband much attention except to sometimes sleep on top of him at night. Many times I’ve woken up at night to use the bathroom, come back, and she’s nestled into my giant pillow. I curl up around her and she sleeps in my arms like a baby. It just depends on the dog!

  67. Our corgi insists on cuddling. She tries to sleep on our pillow while our heads are on the pillow. Laying her head on ours. If that isn't comfortable for her she lays down next to us, making sure she is in contact with your body. Great in winter when it is cool but gets pretty hot in summer. And in the morning she insists on climbing up next to us for morning hugs. Ours is definitely into cuddling and basically sleeping on top of you.

  68. I’ve got littermates, both like to nap by my feet. They both love being held. At night the girl sleeps by my feet and refuses cuddles, the boy loves cuddling.

  69. I think it depends on what you consider "cuddling." If you mean always on your lap cuddling, not so much. But our corgi definitely wants to be nearby and likes attention and affection and thinks it a special treat to be with us on the couch or bed. She just also doesn't need constant pets--which I appreciate. ☺️

  70. She cuddles but she moves constantly from cuddle bug to pressing her entire body against my feet to lying slightly close to me LOL so… depends.

  71. Ours is 2 1/2 and has really only became somewhat affectionate in the past year or so. Still hates being hugged or “snuggled,” but will demand pets and you had better obey.

  72. I have a 2 year old and 3 year old Pembroke, both from the same site and dame. While the hunter one is pickier, they both love to cuddle and are extremely affectionate. The younger one seems to be going through a “teen” phase so sometimes he’ll be anti-snuggle because he wants to play. Overall though, extremely affectionate and cuddly, even gives kisses on command. The older boy never turns down a snuggle.

  73. My girl is not much of a cuddled but will allow me to scratch and pet her for long periods. My boy is into being a lap dog.

  74. there is a special time in the morning for like 10 minutes when he will crawl up to you and nestle his head into the crook of your neck. The rest of the day he's more into belly rubs than snuggles

  75. i have posted before that my corgi does not like to cuddle. she likes to be within arms reach and just stares at me. if i can touch her, it means i can throw her toys, and that i should be playing with her instead. However, as it gets colder out, she does start laying directly next to me, or on me - so i really only get to cuddle her when its cold !

  76. Depends on the dog we have two, they were both supposed to be “her dogs” but one is hers and one is mine. Mine likes to lay next to me, like gently pressed against me but he has arthritis so he growls a little sometimes if I move around, more just like hey I don’t like that than really angry growls if that makes sense. Her dog though is a cuddle machine like dog I need some space.

  77. Our nearly two year old boy is less a “cuddler” and more a “plopper” in that he has no concept of personal space and will climb right up on some part of you and plop himself down. In bed, often on your chest, with his very wet nose right on your upper lip.

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