1. Correct, like how Biden has direct ties to China and has gotten rich through the association via government means exactly like they accused Trump of. And he's a pedophile.

  2. Owning a Betsy Ross flag or Gadsden Flag or supporting the 2nd amendment makes you a potential domestic terrorist to the FBI nowadays.

  3. Arguably only holding political opponents accountable is multiple times more irresponsible, especially when they wrap it in the democracy bullshit

  4. They were always ranting about their people, their nation, their ruler, and the threat of leftists. Completely different.

  5. I don't think fascists in America today worship and individual personality, but there is certainly a sort of idolizing of the concept of privilege to the point that it is almost religious.

  6. "our group isn't nationalistic, therefor we aren't facists... we're all the other bad parts, but we escape on a technicality."

  7. Well since they all work for corporations and are run by money. The revolving door works for both sides so I would assume that if we are still bickering about red and blue teams we have lost. Our country is facist. Both sides are the same and have been doing a really good job of acting like they are different. Yall are just lost if you think otherwise.

  8. Yes exactly! Which is why Donald’s Trump’s campaign slogan is “save America.” Which is why the right is solely devoted to a single man. Which is why the right wanted to lock up Hillary for her emails but aren’t concerned that a former president stole classified materials and took them to Florida.

  9. They also like to talk at length about their struggle against the globalists who have infiltrated the German state, and persecuted and imprisoned them for trying to peacefully seize power from the leftists.

  10. You really going to argue that our society isn't seriously broken? Idk what the solution is exactly, but I know denying that reality is why things will never ever be any different here. Well except that it'll keep getting worse and worse

  11. Liberals are our saviors! They are the correct party! They know whats best for everyone! They have all the solutions for every topic! If we just followed the liberal ideology we’d all have free everything living in a utopia!

  12. It sure does sound familiar. Ever since Obama, neo-fascist leftists have insisted that America is a broken, systemically racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic wasteland that must be fundamentally transformed, and only their vision for a thousand-year Reich utopia will save it.

  13. You mean how the democrats call white supremacy the greatest threat to our democracy and how climate change is going to kill us all? And they're the only ones that are going to fix it?

  14. “An enraged Donald Trump is currently demanding to know which Nazi put Christopher Wray in charge of the FBI?”

  15. You say that as tho Trump isn't the most investigated man in the history of the world and hasn't faced 6 straight years of one witchhunt after another. Have you suffered some kind of head trauma recently?

  16. This is a very very superficial understanding of fascism. Fascism is first and foremost an ultranationalist right wing phenomenon that nostalgically yearns for a mythic past (Make America Great Again), has an antagonistic view of liberals, minorities, educational institutions, and the free press.

  17. The fascists make their power grab seem necessary by suggesting that other groups of boogeymen are trying to destroy everything they love, and only a drastic response by them can keep you safe.

  18. Oh dear, really? I knew it was going to be like this, the conspiracy subreddit is going to turn into a Trump propaganda machine again for the time being. I almost miss the time that vaccines and masks were the things that got you people riled up the most. And I even would give any of this (regarding Trump) some serious consideration if anyone came forward with an actual argument and not some bullshit slogans for once.

  19. oh, this is soooooooooo good. the tears! so delicious. hopefully he just complied and if he didnt do anything he has nothing to worry about.

  20. They also centrally plan their economies, pick big global betterment initiatives to bend all industry to, control health care, control education, and have an incestuous big family relationship with giant companies that are controlled by their unions who in turn are controlled by the government.

  21. lmfao holy shit this bickering is insane. I liked Trump for what he was at the time and nobody can deny that man got dragged in media while Biden is held up like weekend at Bernie's corpse puppet but quite literally both political parties have moments where they both acted like this. How are we all in the conspiracy subreddit but then ya'll forget the WEF has politicians earmarked everywhere? the only difference with Trump was that he was supposed to have been unconnected to all the politics which is the original reason why we all said we supported him, don't be falling for this party line bullshit if we're going to be acting like you're any different than party line leftists who completely ignore their supposed hate of capitalism to blindly support the forced financial support of the largest pharma companies in the world. This is why I wish there were more than two parties

  22. No politician in recent memory has been as relentlessly attacked and demonized like Trump has been. Hence the interest.

  23. Lol have you even seen the liberal media? They're constantly making fun of him for this or that. You guys seriously bury yourselves in one source of news and pretend that just because what you're seeing is so narrow that the rest of us should be seeing only that too.

  24. The moment when you realize both wings belong to the same bird, you'll be mentally healthier. Till then keep kicking water around like they aren't the same shit.

  25. Australian here, can anybody explain to me a few things because from what i see / read i'm incredibly confused..

  26. You hit the nail on the head. US politics are messed up and corrupt. It's blatant now. I think Trump was never supposed to win, he majorly screwed up the corrupt/arrogant Democratic agenda and they've wanted blood ever since. Joe is doing such a terrible job the Dems are terrified a conservative will get voted in next term. If trump is in jail or completely black balled, they win. That is their plan.

  27. What was Trump's campaign slogan? Wasn't it something about "locking her up?" At least Biden is more competent. Trump had 4 years to follow through with his promise, but he never did, did he?

  28. I, for one, think that every former president should be immediately tried and found guilty of the unforgiveable crime of having been the President of the United States.

  29. It's 2022 that's not being a fascist anymore.. that definition changed around the time they change what a recession is

  30. This is how politicians fight in their specific field. Just like how sales reps try to work ways to make the competition look bad, just a dumb downed version. They sometimes fabricate things and they sometimes don’t.

  31. When the F word gets thrown around the only response from the other side is always "I know you are but what am I?" because both sides deep down know that the actions of their preferred political party are indefensible

  32. What I find so funny is everyone seems to think the other side is putting fascists in office yet absolutely no one is doing anything about it beyond complaining online. We as a country have become soft and pathetic. They don't need to take the guns since we have no spine left to use them anyway

  33. We need to form a group that fights fascism. we could call it anti-facist or something. why has nobody done this yet?

  34. I understand and agree with why they went after Trump here but didn't Hilary destroy evidence after receiving a subpoena? And now she is selling hats and merch saying "but her emails" the day after all this goes down. Imagine the outrage if Trump did something comparable! Wish we held everyone in leadership equally accountable for their actions.

  35. Didn't we just learn practically all top level defense department and secret service wiped their devices, deleting evidence about Jan 6...

  36. Because an operating definition of “fascism” is somewhat elusive. So, it has become a blank canvas onto which people paint their ideological opponents and enemies. If you ask 50 people what a fascist is, you’ll likely get 50 different answers. If you ask those same 50 people to define fascism without using anyones name, you’ll likely get about 20 different answers. The other 30 will have no idea how to express their beliefs

  37. This post reads as an I can't take responsibility for my actions so I'll deflect blame and act as if what I did wasn't bad or wrong. The ol republican projection and victimhood mentality

  38. Fascists think they're above the law and can just walk out of the WH with Top Secret documents and not turn them all in to the National Archives.

  39. Modern "liberal democrats" are neither classical liberals, nor are they for true democracy given how much they try to stifle free speech and distort/cheat elections, and how much they persecute political opponents.

  40. I’ve been convinced the Democrats were fascists since Obamas second term. That’s when I figured it out and everyone was like “what’s your definition of fascist” “ fascist are right-wing conservatives” yada yada…So I explained this and the fact the Wikipedia definition just describes how fascist have manifested to date but this is neo-fascist at its roots…, over and over and over. Boom! Here we are, it’s becoming a lot clearer. Crazy thing is people still are onboard with it now

  41. Fascists are lead by autocrats. Trump and his supporters have consistently expressed frustration for his lack of power. Trump and his supporters have consistently expressed admiration for Putin’s autocratic power.

  42. The autocratic Right is far more influential in the Government than the autocratic Left, what with the Supreme Court, McConnell, the Trumpers, etc.

  43. Fascists don't concede power on their own, fascist politicize government agencies, fascists make their enemies seem both strong and weak, fascists embed their relatives within positions of power, fascists abuse political violence and theater to get their way, fascists use bullying and name calling to demoralize and abuse their followers, fascists create complete counter narratives to truth and fact that make their supporters ignore anything that makes them feel even slightly uncomfortable, fascists give political favors to their friends for personal benefit, fascists use nationalism and patriotism as a tool to create xenophobia, fascist always Blame "others" and create a group or groups that distract from the actual issues, fascists are so fragile they can't admit simple faults or admit that they are wrong to the point they always believe the narrative they create to protect their Ego and fragility even if it's harder to believe them the truth.

  44. Fascist prosecute their opponents(lock her up) Fascist increase gov enforcement(law n order) Something something Hillary something Fascist colluse with media (trump texting fox)

  45. Looks like the last 30 year of US politics. Damn, you are slow to think. But, I believe it is not entiretly your fault, you had to survive billons of tons of propaganda since you born

  46. Let me save you some time: the people who disagree with the undeniable fact that the Western Left is a neo-fascist movement will basically say a version of one or both of the following:

  47. So sad this has 1k upvotes. Because its ‘completely legal’ to take documents from your past job as the head of state….they literally found what they said they were there for. If you stole a bunch of car parts, and your neighbor rats on you, and they find the parts in your house by using a LEGAL warrant…you’re guilty. Hes not above the law because the red hats want him to be invincible. At this rate watergate would have never happened with the brain capacity of the current population.

  48. Fascist yell "Lock Her Up!" at their opponents, Was the Space FORCE (a whole new service branch of the U.S. Armed Forces) a thing before Trump? fascist call people that disagree with them "A Nasty Women". Fascist collude with the FOX, OANN, NEWSMAX to control the narrative.

  49. I always loved how leftists insist that the WW2 Axis powers were 'Far Right'. They would never hesitate to label Nazis as "A far right movement".

  50. Assuming this is right wing just remember the democrats wanted to defund the police. THIS MAY BE DEAD WRONG. Question Everything. If this is wrong please let me know. Have a good one.

  51. No. But someone's fanbois tried to arrange a authoritarian dictatorship. Could be fascist, could just be strong man kleptocracy idk.. but as always somebody gotta be the distracting, harassed and persecuted minority.

  52. So enforcing the law is fascism now? Also, explain why only Trump is dealing with his home being raised but no other Republican seems to be under investigation for this kinda shit. It's almost as if it's just a Trump thing.

  53. What law? Doesnt really seem to be a good reason for it. Trump has been in communication with the national archives over the past months and has shared some documents. There was a GREAT reason to raid Hillary though, for example.

  54. Now we the people, are not the fascists, I don't care what side of the coin you lean towards... don't let them convince you your neighbor is the enemy, their just making a living like everyone else is.

  55. The cope in these comments from brainwashed liberal redditors that won't accept the reality of the behaviour they are engaging in. Pathetic.

  56. This is the best post that describes Trump and his administration, thanks OP for calling like it is!!! HipHipHooraay!! For OP

  57. Look who's waking up to the fact that the Democrats are a center right facist party lmao the gop just so happens to be more facist

  58. It was not a no knock. They talked to Secret Service, which means they stopped at the gate or door and talked to someone first. Also the judge who signed the warrant was Reinhart. Look him up. Very low bar here.

  59. Do you want to make a $50 bet to charity? I’ll give you 1 year for trump to be put in jail.

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