1. Just read about this in a book called 'poisoner in chief'. Some residents showed up to the er but Dr's were instructed to say its nothing and not to worry about it.

  2. They did this to me in army. First serratia then strep bacteria. After serratia I developed higher tolerance to Bacteria Acs gad strp 1” weeks before I just passed out. During this time I was in basic training and ended up the number soldier in my company. I was honor grad and got an award. The whole time I was sick with strep. I even maxed my PT test and was in charge of 65 people.

  3. Black panthers period. There was a few feds in there doing most/all the escalating and getting the supplies for bombs

  4. Shit back in Vietnam, they released a chemical agent to de-forrest the region to make it easier to get the win... This chemical did not do as promised but has since ruined a lot of humans abilities to live a "comfortable" life. It was called agent orange...

  5. Specifically when tainted methyl-alcohol (poison) was intentionally added to get people to stop drinking. Gov knew it would kill innocent people and didn't care

  6. Yes yes yes I'm in my 30s now & they haven't updated that shit at all. My daughter had to use it as a guide for a foods project she did recently for school & I'm thinking, this is so out of touch with what I've learned in recent years!

  7. The DOD tested aerosolized biological warfare agents - the dispersal process using common bacteria - on St. Louis, Illinois, from roof tops; on Corpus Christi, Texas, from ships.

  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2210415/Revealed-Army-scientists-secretly-sprayed-St-Louis-radioactive-particles-YEARS-test-chemical-warfare-technology.html

  9. It’s pretty hilarious opening this up and expecting a few decent comments but it’s a running list of USGov douchery.

  10. MOVE, 1985 Philadelphia. Cia introducing crack to black neighborhoods and locking them up for more time than cocaine. I’d argue the entire war on drugs. Trickle down economics. Removing the gold standard. Civil asset forfeiture. The federal reserve.

  11. Civil Forfeiture. They can take any cash you have and freeze your bank accounts on a whim. You do not receive due process and there's nothing you can do about it.

  12. This one right here is one of the main reasons we are where we are as a country! Smith Mundt act made it legal for the government to unleash propaganda onto us and boy has it paid off for them…

  13. Over exposing Medicaid Medicare recipients and veterans to x-rays and CAT scans just to rack up free money essentially. This is all done at the patient's expense as you're not supposed to receive that much radiation in your lifetime.

  14. My step dad had a normal ekg. 3 months after his first shot he had a rare increase. He has a heart aneurysm now after his 4th shot. His ex wife has a rare cardiac condition as well after her 4th shot. She has blood clots in both lungs. She is in the hospital as I type this, fighting for her life. My friend Jessica developed myocarditis after her first shot. And I'm seeing many other reports of blood clots as well and sudden adult death syndrome from cardiac events. A Canadian doctor reported that 62% of his patients had blood clots after the covid vaccine. Also, considering many doctors won't draw the conclusion that blood clots are from the vaccine, we can only guess how many cases are going unreported. This isn't just on the news and the VAERS website. This is happening to people I know. I'll take my chances with covid.

  15. Testing nuclear weapons in practically the worst place possible instead of taking the advice to do it where it won’t blow isotopes over the entire US

  16. I remember reading about a CIA experiment in which they were trying to "wipe the memory" from a young girl (12 I think) using crazy high doses of LSD.

  17. DEA says U.S. intelligence overrides State Dept and DEA and gives U.S. passports to cartel members so that they can train in School of the Americas SOA/WHINSEC

  18. Both my parents worked at military bases that were knowingly exposing everyone to carcinogens and toxic metals on the bases. Mare island and Travis Air Force base, were the places, but there are many more.

  19. Bengazi, so that team that got wiped out was retrieving a serial number, from an American missle, that was sold to, and used by an enemy, on an American helicopter...

  20. Every action it takes. Look up every WH executive order. Each one negatively impacts somebody. One of the things I love about the US is that so many government departments release information that makes them look bad 🤣. There’s literally enough US government primary source public releases to PROVE that COVID-19 was a scam. Can’t really say that about Canada or Australia.

  21. Operation Midnight Climax (coupled with MK ULTRA). Project REX is interesting. Hasn’t happened (yet) but exists as a real emergency law. Look into it.

  22. The private prison industrial complex. Always seeking maximum charges of it's citizens to keep them locked up for the profit of it's officials and prison labor.

  23. After being disarmed and having their firearms confiscated in 1890, 300 Lakota Indians mostly being women and children were slaughtered by the US Army.

  24. Hiroshima,. They could have dropped that bomb on the Japanese Navy, anywhere other than a city full of women and children who had nothing to do with the war.

  25. The U.S. was a world leader in eugenics from 1900 until the 1940s. I think the number of "undesirables" who were forcibly sterilized numbers in the thousands.

  26. Look at unethical human experimentation at Wikipedia. There are countless events of the US government hurting its most vulnerable people.

  27. MKULTRA CIA mind control experiments. Introduction of LSD in the 60s Agent Orange exposure by troops in Vietnam Tuskegee syphilis testing Spraying of San Francisco for bacterial warfare testing 🐮

  28. In St Louis and other various places they carried out operation LAC where they sprayed potentially hazardous chemicals in predominantly black areas in the name of a military experiment. We were experimenting on your own people.

  29. Increased military spending, while there is inflation, food shortages, and homelessness going on. Doesn't get more obvious than that.

  30. Well, first you'd have to prove that the US government is made of humans with ordinary human emotions, rather than — say — malignant narcissistic egotists, reptilians or aliens, descendents of rape-happy pirates, slavers and bankers, and/or psychopaths possessed by evil vapors.

  31. How about the operation in progress right now. Operation 95 percent less people solves all our problems in one move.

  32. In the 1950s, army researchers dispersed zinc cadmium sulfide (now a known cancer-causing agent) over Minnesota and other Midwestern states to see how far they would spread in the atmosphere. The particles were detected more than 1,000 miles away in New York state.

  33. Umm….the Covid vaX program? Plus, everyone needs to be looking into monkeypox. Vaxxed and unvaxxed are getting it…women and children and deaths in Europe.

  34. Martin Luther Kings family sued the government for killing Him and wan in civil court if I remember correctly. Or it might have been Malcom X

  35. IMO 9/11 could not have been successfully orchestrated without the involvement of key government officials. People died in the explosions long before the buildings collapsed, as reported by countless first responders. Building 7 was 100% detonated and demolished with foreknowledge. The only conspiracy is the collusion of many in trusted positions of power to cover up the truth about that day: the intentional murder of US citizens by the US govt (and possible partners) for the purpose of justifying the invasions of Iraq & Afghanistan, the endless war on terror, blindly signing the Patriot Act into law, and ushering in the new and improved Militarized Surveillance State we find as our present reality.

  36. There was a show called "dark matters: twisted but true". It's a series that goes back in history to look at unethical experiments that have taken place. It's not just focused on the US, but everywhere.

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