1. I just want to see maxwells client list I am not trying to support celebrities who rape children in secret. Fuck drake too his new album is ass sweat.

  2. That list will never come out. They lose control over everyone if it does. And I’m sure if any of it comes out it will probably be bullshit anyways

  3. I'm actually getting so angry about nothing being down about this. Like why haven't there been any full fledged protests about the Epstein files? There's a few

  4. I never liked him. Coworkers would lose their minds when his songs came on but I thought he was not much different than the rest. I always assume 80% of celebrities are horrible people in their private lives anyway down to their rotted core. That much fame and fortune corrupts people when their job is pretending to be people on camera

  5. I use to be a huge fan of him. In his early career. He has some good positive songs. But after Take Care album. His next one are garbage. I’d rather listen to J. Cole and Kendrick.

  6. Yeaa I am a fan of almost all of his music pre new album ..Idk what he’s trying to do at this point,that hair cut was somthin else..trying to appeal more to an age group he’s attracted to?

  7. why support celebs at all? false idols. how do you worshiping them and giving them energy help you? honestly? this is not an attack or looking down upon just an honest question.

  8. Allot of nine year olds did. I alloted the opportunity for allot of nine year olds to allot they're (not their) time to do so. A lot.

  9. Drake (the rapper) was on stage kissing underage girls openly in the late 2000s. He kissed sza when she was underage. He’s Jewish and the one of the most powerful people in rap. Jewish people own the music industry. I highly doubt they’ll drag him down to the level of a r Kelly unless if it’s intentional. By today standards he should’ve been “cancelled” a long time ago but nothing ever happens to him cause that cancel culture side loves him

  10. A celebrity, in prison? In clown world? Come on now, you know that won't happen, not until major changes are made.

  11. They are all sitting on lottery tickets that will be cashed in when they hit the proverbial wall.

  12. It ain't gonna happen. Drake is protected. If R Kelly, Cosby, Kevin Spacey and the rest of Hollyweird went most of their lives doing what they do, then I doubt Drake has anything to worry about.

  13. I doubt he'll ever have to answer for anything. He likely got XXX killed. He's part of the system and as long as he plays ball he'll be protected.

  14. Drake sucks. He raps like he's from the streets projecting this hard knock life when in reality he had lots of support growing up. I think most of his drive comes from daddy issues. It's why he inserts himself into sports teams. He has this insatiable need to project success and craves approval.

  15. He won’t. As long as he plays the game, he’s protected. Pedophiles protect pedophiles. The whole mainstream music industry is rotten to the core.

  16. Hes been caught numerous times having a “text friendship” with many young girls and boys including Millie Bobbi Brown when she was only 14. She said she would “go to him for relationship & super private advice.” He also goes to high school and middle school aged sporting events way too frequently. He used his relationship with his girlfriend to justify being at every sporting event her child attended.

  17. Drake started dating a girl named Bella Harris a while ago. He apparently has some new girlfriend maybe, I don't care.

  18. Shits actually weird. I’ve been actually pretty mad these last few years nobody has gotten this fuckin dude off the fucking radio, I can’t stand pedomusic

  19. He documents his everyday life. Too many people around him to slip up like that. He’s ten steps ahead of the game. Especially when it comes to women. You gotta go through a verification process, sign NDA’s. Lawyers involved. It’s all in black and white and 4K. He’s hired someone to find women for him. He don’t even chase tail like that. Sure he’s been friendly with underage celebrities but we only know what we’ve seen, anything else is a allegation. In fact your very post is an allegation. You couldn’t prove anything you claimed if you knew drake personally. There’s blatantly obvious out of court settlements in the Celebrity world that you’d probably have a better chance digging in.

  20. What a joke thinking that anyone would ever put someone in prison for pedophilia. The people at the top love pedophilia and the people in the law system protect them. It’s sick

  21. I honestly don't care, those girls are in hollywood and they're exposed to much worse than a famous guy hitting them up.

  22. Oh please they knew what they wanted from Drake. Dude is gonna get away with it unless one of them needs to restart their career down the road.

  23. Absolutely. Him reaching out to underage actresses to "coach" them. Like he's not fucking Daniel Day Lewis, he was in a wheelchair kid in a Canadian teenage drama.

  24. Wasn't even Drake in the Millie situation. Not sure if anything is even confirmed with the Billie situation. Love how people decide to wake up and decide they know everything and try to destroy people's lives and careers. This theory is wild but that being said anything can happen within 10-15 yrs. Sounds like a desperate way of gaining attention IF something like this happens. What the fuck is wrong with him "texting" them? He literally has been in their shoes with being nobody to all of the sudden he is somebody to people in the world when he was on Degrassi. People jump to conclusions without evidence of anything that is ACTUALLY worth talking about. Yeah it may seem weird as hell that he's texting young girls but you will never know what his intentions are. He could simply be helping them with advice and being a friend who understands what it's like being in Hollywood with acting. Quit trying to ruin people's lives on nothing. This world lives on media and drama. Damn shame.

  25. While you are 100% right that child stars and underage people in Hollywood are sexually exploited, and I'm sure that Drake participates, I expect absolutely 0 prosecution to result from it.

  26. If Alec Baldwin is getting away with murder, Drake will come out just fine even with the obvious piles of proof right in front of us.

  27. I just feel Americans don't appreciate the album due to the genre of it. Within Europe we love Dance/trance. His song Massive is a huge hit already here within the UK. It will be a club and festival hit for sure. Different styles and versitility is good as an artist I and personally think he does it well.

  28. What proof is there that he crossed the line of friendship with any underage girl? I’ve seen people mention this before and always felt like I must be missing something

  29. 🤣🤣U coulda brought up the fact he does mob hits / gets ppl whacked but nah u said this, ahahaha

  30. How stupid can you be to write something like that? You don’t even know the man. Millie already said that nothing went on between them and that Drake was like a big brother to her. Billie said the same thing.

  31. Your post would be much more readable if you used spaces and punctuation correctly, or at least in a more conventional way.

  32. I mean..lying?An nda..her possibly responding positively to the gross behavior which would give her a reason to cover his actions up the list goes on ..

  33. His music is shit and he looks like a fat ugly dirty piece of shit and his beard looks like shit and I'm sick and tired of people growing ugly ass beards like him. Good riddance. Fucking ugly piece of shit.

  34. Drake is connected to the entertainment/intelligence apparatus. Don't forget he's really a jew playing "black dude" on TV. Shouting out OTO/OOT..."know the owl stay on me...", all the "666" adlibs...

  35. Millie Bobby Brown has talked recently about how uncomfortable and creepy some of the media, and people online in general have been about her turning 18. I agree, it's surely only a matter of time before she speaks about anyone that's been inappropriate and creepy with her when she was younger. I'm sure "he was just a mentor" is what a lot of groomed kids think before they realize what was actually happening

  36. Learn how to make a fucking sentence you absolute imbecile. You’re a disgrace to any conspiracy, ever.

  37. honestly after looking through your profile and seeing the oa tiktok post I truly don’t think there is anything I could say to you that you haven’t heard already

  38. Dude unfortunately they’ve probably been passed around before they ever made it really big. I remember a short video, can’t find it now Billie’s talking into her phone camera and says a lot of pedophiles hit on her, and implies they’re everywhere. Her persona dress style is reminiscent of destitute sex abuse victims. I’d argue her persona is intentionally designed so the memetic principle will cause her fans to be distant, unfeminine, porn addicted, doomer girls. We humans are truly monkey see monkey do, pick wise monkeys to mimic.

  39. I think alot of shit is gonna happen in the next 10 to 20 years thatll Def push that under the rug just sayin

  40. It'll never stop. Male artists and females as well have done that time and time again. A quick Google search will take the veil off your eyes if you think Drake is the only one.

  41. Drake is either empathizing with child stars since he was one too... or there's something nefarious going on.

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