1. It was the LAPD after all which I believe has the largest police force in the world or at least the largest sherriffs office in the world. I wonder if he was speaking out about something unethical he witnessed.

  2. Yeah his injuries massive and they didn’t just stop at one and go “oh hey guys, he ain’t looking so hot!”. This was a beating with likely intent to kill.

  3. I read the tweet on the post and I immediately thought of old pvt pyle and the old, "soap in the sock routine".

  4. The only other sad face I saw in the funeral photos was a guy who wasn't standing and might've been in a wheelchair with contusions on his face.

  5. Also, because it was the cumulative injuries that killed him, instead of any one injury, nobody can be singled out.

  6. I’d say you’re pretty close to being right. People don’t get beat that badly and that extensively in a training exercise.

  7. how do you beat a man so badly, that his liver's got fucked up, break his spine and lung and still call it an accident?

  8. I think he refused to partake in some blatantly corrupt shit. The uniformed crooks that tried to corrupt him used this exercise as a chance to off him, because this was the only way they could trust he wouldn't break the blue line on them.

  9. These guys say they stand for justice but when shit happens from within they refuse to release the training footage. Crooked af. Everyone should listen to the JRE episode with Matthew Wood, eye opener if you haven’t

  10. Either the cops are trained to beat the shit out of civilians and just killed him accidentally, or they targeted this guy and killed him for some kind of revenge story. I’m not sure which is worse.

  11. This was a good cop who wasn’t cool with the group think and they found a way to take him out which wouldn’t result in an investigation and which was requires the least amount of paperwork

  12. The best thing you can do to prepare for the apocalypse is to buy a gun. If you have one already, buy more.

  13. If it's the LAPD there's a high chance that it was done by one of the actual gangs that exist within their district. I always wonder how many people have suffered from over policing and how many cops have gotten by with a slap on the wrist.

  14. Quite likely Israe1i trained. The procedures to submit the Palestinians are the same that will be applied to US citizens.

  15. Said the exact same thing to my friends. These people that join the police force just want to be legally able to kill someone is all they want.

  16. And this boys and girls; is how they snuff out any "goody 2 shoe" cop. Add a police chief hand chosen by Soros's himself, who also donated 2 mil in support to BLM. Actors to push a further twisted narrative, projecting what occurred to the deceased towards public under guise of 'their health and safety'

  17. Such a weird take, you're anti-cop but for reactionary reasons? Isn't it enough to go off of what people have been saying for decades?

  18. I want to ask you all a question. Lets say you are out for a walk in the city. You are armed, concealed carry as you normally would, for your own protection. 3 cops pull up and start harassing you for w/e reason. Things start to get violent. They start attacking you. Would you defend yourself with all means necessay against the officers? Or just take what they give you and hope it doesnt get too bad. I am curious to see where this sub draws the line. Hypothetical situation.

  19. There's really no right answer, emotionally you would want to blow them away but realistically that's probably the worst thing you could do

  20. No it was not intended for civilian targets. The report stated that the training situation was simulating a violent civilian mob attacking an officer. Apparently they simulated that violent mob a bit too agressive! RIP officer!

  21. This is why I don't trust these gestapo pigs. What she said is so true. These cops are trained to kill us if we do something their superior officers don't like.

  22. Klaus Schwab says there's a lot of civil unrest on the horizon (probably people resisting implementation of the Great Reset), and this seems like training for brutally cracking down on resistance.

  23. I think its the opposite....wasn't he the cop and them simulating the mob beating him up.....idk why they took it that far tho...must have a grudge against him for sth

  24. When I first started driving I got a flat in the school parking lot and didnt know what to do. I walked to the police car where the two school resource officers were sitting and waved to them and pointed to my car with the flat tire. They rolled the window down a tiny crack and told me to go away, then rolled it back up. That's about when I knew cops are useless.

  25. Don't go to a riot and you won't have any issues and don't live in commieforina and two birds are killed with one stone.

  26. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I interpreted the information in the story/headline to mean that the cop was killed by a pretend mob. Is there any source that definitively states the contrary to this, or are we just uncertain?

  27. werent they simulating the mob, not what they themselves do? The training was for him to endure the stress of a mob attack, not a police attack

  28. Just to clarify I’m not pro cop but almost certainly he was the victim not the protester in that example. Like he was the victim of the mob and cops have such little restraint they killed him

  29. How would they not think to stop? I have done similar training before and all you get is safety briefs, safety words, and someone at all times is in charge of the situation and will halt it if shit gets out of hand. Beating someone that bad takes effort and no one said stop? Something is not right if true.

  30. Every officer directly evolved is a threat toward all future fraternities and brotherhood's, sounds like literally the worst possible move one could possibly calculate.

  31. They’ve been training like this since before Rodney King. He crossed the blue line. You will start to see more of this as we are starting to have new officers who want to be good Leo’s attempting to disrupt the corruption of modern day law enforcement. Training exercise, they aren’t even trying to hide or cover this stuff any more.

  32. I can’t imagine the feeling of getting beat to death by your co-workers, I mean you trusted them. In the military there’s mock training of protests and attackers…guess what the military uses??? Foam batons and plastic guns and if it makes meant to be more hands on they use padding. This was a HIT from the get go and like always everyone gets off without even a slap on the wrist and they still have the fucking nerve to attend his funeral…look his family in the eye and say sorry for your loss. Fucking scum every last one of them and the CAPTAIN! This kind of behavior is cultivated from the top.

  33. American police are NOT your friends no matter what you may think. Even if you're family they are not on your side, and these bastards not only get to lie in court while swearing an oath, it's considered part of their job to do so and they can't be punished for it.

  34. Police have been heavily militarized for more than a decade now. It's too late to ask these questions. You should know to simply avoid them, do not talk to them, do not approach them, and make community with your neighbours and such and learn to protect yourselves.

  35. They are trained to kill because there are pieces of shit out there that literally want to watch the world burn. If you are a law abiding citizen the chances of you having a fatal confrontation with an officer is almost zero. Police changed because society changed.

  36. Bullshit. They've always acted like this and it's only new to the general public now that they want nothing more than the slimmest excuse to execute you.

  37. Wel I mean… they are cops. So yea. They’re trained to kill… they have weapons. A few. What’s the problem? They need to have weapons. They have a dangerous job. The street thugs and gangs have BIG weapons, some of them, and usually the police are out numbered and out gunned but they put their asses on the line to protect us every single day and I have MAD respect for that. God bless every one of them. 🇺🇸👍🏼

  38. I can’t find any source verifying that claim, all sources say he was killed by a botched takedown during marshal arts training

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