1. So when a democrat says “fight like hell” its a literal call to seditious violence, but when Trump said “We fight like hell. And if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore” to his supporters an hour before they stormed the capitol, that’s totally innocent right?

  2. I think you may have missed the point. Actually, you're 180 degrees off. Dems have tried to suggest that by using these EXACT words Trump committed sedition. If you have a tv, you're probably aware that there have been trials focused almost entirely on these EXACT words. Now, useless mouth breathers like Maxine Waters say EXACTLY the same thing that they have called seditious when Trump said it and there is no reaction. Well, no reaction except for boot lickers like you who are trying to twist this.

  3. They're trying to make good use of the second amendment. It exists to rise up against tyrannical governments after all.

  4. Riots are starting in my city at 5pm. The law only prevents “birthing people” from aborting after 15 weeks. At 15 weeks, the baby has fingers, can suck it’s thumb and can even stretch. So the “clump of cells” argument doesn’t work here. People are acting like Abortion is completely and utterly illegal and LOSING THEIR MIND.

  5. Submission statement: I didn’t think that the Roe V Wade being overturned would lead to left leaning states wanting to secede from the Union. I always thought it would be Right leaning states pushing for secession.

  6. Imagine the same people who want you to poison your baby and yourself says thjs is an attack on american freedom. Yep telling women not to murder babies is viewed as wrong just shameful. Gun control but you want us to riot because you cant turn your fetus into a slushy. 1 of the dumbest reasoning behind a riot

  7. How would you men feel if you had some sick old man in office forcing you to get a vasectomy or forcing your dick into a woman and make you keep that baby. Keep your mouth shut on this topic if you don’t have ovaries. Just Bc y’all believe in a fake god doesn’t mean go ruin women’s lives 🖕

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