1. How many of the sudden unexpected deaths have been unvaccinated? If there is a disproportionate lean towards vaccinated, it is statistically significant and should be investigated.

  2. Someone reached out with their condolences and said “If she was vaccinated this wouldn’t have happened, that’s why vaccination is so important” and it actually really hurt my feelings…

  3. My mom wasn’t vaccinated and passed away in October last year. She had a tube stuffed down her throat for a month without being proned (turned on her side to let lungs open up) before her body gave up

  4. It has been.... lotsa doctors are totally against covid vaccination (especifically. They are not against vaccines but especially against viral vector and also against mRNA ONES. ) I am not aware of all of european or american doctors. Except dr. Robert malone. But in Brazil I can work with some names. For example. Dr. Maria Emilia Gadelha SERRA. She is a goddes against the new world order. She recently spoke to bolsonaro in person about what she's seen in her autopsies. Dude.... mrna causes inflammatiion in vacular tissue... (a.k.a- veins/heart/lungs). And discoveries on viral vector (a.k.a- oxford/astrazeneca) causing. Believe it or not... herpes zoster and pox... yeah! Fuckin pox... so if you took astrazeneca.... strangely is means to kill the stars. Put that in latim separated by astra and in the other line zeneca...

  5. I know it's crazy to ask but can someone provide stats showing unexpected deaths in youths over the past 10 years?

  6. SS. When did we become this generation of complacent little minions, just going through the motions without questioning things? Are we ever going to wake up to these manipulations or will we be allowed to be censored straight into the population reduction slaughterhouse, as outlined in the Georgia guidestones and in agenda 2030?

  7. The Georgia guide stones have 0 suggestions for how to reduce population. They actually suggest not to exceed a limit. There's lots of nonviolent ways to reduce population.

  8. People all around me like talking shit to me but don’t like being called out on it. ( not aimed at you at all) aimed at people that are angry with the world and want to see it burn. I had to tell my 55 year mum to communicate with me like an adult and not from a place of anger. She’s had all the jabs and will have more of them,tho she’s getting unwell from them.

  9. I think that by the feeling of it, as well as the fact that the majority are still complying, plus the Government getting away with all of their crimes so far. It's safe to assume and predict that they will achieve their Great Reset/New World Order/Agenda2030 quite easily really.

  10. Anti vaxxers are just spreading disinformation created by big business. Never again will they let public health concerns affect the march of commerce and industry.

  11. This is dumb. Conspiracy minded people make outlandish parallels not taking into account logic or situational understanding.

  12. Lol, why are you here? And it's not just you, there's hundreds of you. I don't know, but personally if I disagree with or am not interested in something, I tend to avoid those kinda subs/threads. But for some reason that logic doesn't apply here.

  13. Almost like they lack any critical thinking skills whatsoever and are drawn to conclusions that reinforce what they want to be true.

  14. can't believe the doublespeak. I'm so freaked out by all this vaccine pushing that I'm refusing any more vaccines for my toddler. I'm sure my ped will give me a hard time😑

  15. Surely we had just as many young, elite, professional athletes dying and blacking out and developing major health issues throughout history… surely… right?… guys?…

  16. You're actually right, sudden cardiac death (SCD) is one of the historical leading causes of sudden death in healthy athletes

  17. Remember, if someone dies who was unvaccinated mention it as much as you can and at every occasion.

  18. If people don’t talk about vaccine status then how will we know what problems they caused… The vaccine companies sure aren’t telling us because the federal government has decided they don’t have to

  19. The reason some libs are so touchy on it is because they deeply regret getting it. Or simply in denial. Watch them go through the entire grieving process over getting vaccinated.

  20. Also sexual orientation in some states. Literal government following humans around worrying about what all folks get up to when not buying paper towels.

  21. Are you fucking kidding? This is such a low effort comment. Have you been living under a rock for a year?

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