1. Trump claimed that election fraud was gonna happen months before the election. According to him, it happened months later even though he knew about it. This seems to be a trend in America

  2. At the end of the committee’s work, they’re going to release a report and recommend reforms to the electoral count act.

  3. Why do you people make posts like this? You ask questions that just don’t even make sense. Why the fuck would the group that had told you time and time again that the election wasn’t stolen do something about election security?

  4. They tried to pass like 3 election security funding bills in 2019 that the senate killed..GOP are racing around shoring up protections for mailed in absentee voting while slamming mail in. Maybe GOP were the ones cheating all along. Mules doc said fraud was in the GOP heavy absentee after all. Right ?

  5. Dude... they are finding massive problems in every state including my own of Maryland when they actually look for them.

  6. The democrats chose their primary candidate using super delegates at their parties national convention. It seems very undemocratic. They always chose someone beholden to the military industrial complex, big pharma, and corporations.

  7. Have the uncensored the footage from the hearing in Jan 6th, Nancy Pelosi was paying no attention to anything the republicans were saying, the Democrats were crying it's not fair and were allowed to run over time. Pelosi was pre occupied and looked like she was coordinating something externally, ordering her minions who were in and out before people were let in the building.

  8. They're making sure that as they continue to steal elections and use various other banana republic tactics, the public is afraid to do so much as protest.

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