1. This would be awesome if they make this into a YA graphic novel or a family friendly animated tv series.

  2. Honestly given how popular Mar'i Grayson is and now how Jake has little popularity I'm surprised Dc never at least did more elsewhere stories. Also who should Mar'i be paired with?

  3. Based on my imagination, Mar'i Grayson and John Kent are on the same generation and they got married.

  4. While I would love this, the only reason I wouldn't want it to be a series is that the liches that run the business end of DC would immediately sacrifice this happy family situation if they thought it would give them even a sliver of more profit.

  5. Yeah, never forget Rise of Arsenal...this little cinnamon roll would NOT be safe. As soon as they decided they wanted to either breakup DickFire or at least make Dick edgy...she'll be, quite literally, on the chopping block -_-

  6. Well that’s adorable. Would love a family circus or Calvin and Hobbs style comic with The Graysons just being a family, day to day between super hero’ing

  7. I feel like that story could have been a lot better with just a little tweaking of the character design. Not even anything drastic. Just make her skin a little more orange and maybe make her roots look orange as well to imply that she’s dying her hair. Give her some resemblance to her mom while keeping pretty much everything else the same. I almost feel like it did the story a disservice by having her look absolutely nothing like her mom instead of having her look just similar enough that there’s a clear relation, and no denying who her parent is, but still have the huge contrast between the two there to breed resentment.

  8. The only reason I enjoy FF is because Reed and sue got married and had kids and it was an amazing ride. I would love an entire run of comics that allow these things to happen I get so mad when thy break up characters because they want them to be forever young. Spiderman was one of those guys I wish had kids and a family in the main timeline and even if he got older i wanted to see him deal with new threats that are younger and maybe call it quits or be a teacher for younger heros. every story we get from any hero is a time skip when they have kids and i would like to see how they juggle things from birth all they way till they become a legacy character in their own right.

  9. I mean DickKori might never be a main cannon couple but they are often in elsewhere stories. So far we now have Jake and Mari. How many kids do you guys see DickKori having

  10. Hey doesn't Wally have a son? How about Mar'i and him date ? And Jake date the girl. Alien super speed grandkids

  11. And then Joker captures them. Kills the kids. Makes Starfire and Nightwing watch. Kills Starfire too. Nightwing manages to untie himself. Beats Joker up. But doesn't kill him. And sends to Arkham. Because why would you kill a murderous psycho who escapes prison all the time, right?

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