1. Which boot camp? What is the scholarship in regards to? If it's a diversity in tech scholarship, they're probably going to ask personal questions about why you want to go into tech. Can you not ask the boot camp how to prepare for the interview?

  2. It's for Tech Elevator. The scholarship is called "Represent Tech," and you nailed it, it's essentially a diversity in tech scholarship.

  3. Can you update us on what some of the questions were and how to best prepare for it? I am in your shoes now and looking how to best prepare etc. Also would love to hear about your experience if you decided to continue and enroll with TE. Thanks in advance!!! :)

  4. Could this be any more vague? We don't live in your head OP and can't know all the context you have when you post a thread. Take this as a learning opportunity when communicating with others that you need to be much more considerate that us readers will not have all the details about your situation.

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