1. Right? I hate the terms alpha and beta men. Nonetheless it seems like betas are my type bc toxic masculinity is so unattractive. Men comfortable with their sexuality and their identity are the sexiest.

  2. This is kind of why I'm afraid to go there, like... I find boobs to be totally attractive and I'd love to go see the actual atmosphere of this place and whether the waitresses are that cute but I'd get so freaking awkward because I always get hella awkward with pretty waitresses and I'm afraid they'd laugh at me for it. There are plenty of things I don't mind being laughed at for, things that I will wear with pride, but being unable to make eye contact with pretty women is not one of those things. I wanna go. I wanna go look at pretty women in a place where I'm invited to look at pretty women and not feel like a creeper. But I'll still feel like a creeper because the whole concept is creepy, and then I will get shy and they will know and laugh at me. That is why I have never been to a Hooters.

  3. As an apparent beta who enjoys tapas and wine, one of most wondrous food experiences was at a Portuguese tapas place in Cali wine country. (tasca tasca in Sonoma). We ordered different wine flights (3 half pours). The wine came first and all 6 (mine, and my vegetarian wife's), all 6 were ..."ok". The food came, and for the first time in my life the wine tasted amazing with the food. Like I've had good parings before, but this was transformative. I think the majority of the food was very salt forward.

  4. No one I've ever met who claimed to be an alpha male was anything close to an alpha male. They're either like the exact opposite omega males or complete fucking sociopaths.

  5. The closest thing actual wolves have to “alphas” are more like father figures. They nurture and care for their pack. You aren’t an alpha male unless you carry a fanny pack of peanut butter crackers, liquid IV, and painkillers to help out your friends.

  6. The original researcher behind the theory of alpha males has spent their career trying to refute the idea, they realised it's a phenomena unique to males in locker room captivity and that generalising it to the wider world is misleading at best.

  7. There's this Rick and Morty meme about taking Buzzfeed quizzes to see which Rick and Morty character you might be. And the joke is, no matter who you are or what answers you give, you're a Jerry because only a Jerry would bother to take a quiz like that in the first place.

  8. I think the funniest part about this is by his own admission the "betas" are married and able to get, find and keep a woman. The "alphas" are creepily staring at woman in a restaurant.

  9. All other things aside, the last time I ate Hooters wings (which admittedly was over 10 years ago), they were pretty good.

  10. Agree with your sentiment-- just want to make one thing clear as your post might be read wrong by some idiots -- don't be disrespectful of Hooters' staff.

  11. Even among chicken, thighs and drumettes are miles ahead of wings. They taste better, cost less, and you don't have to suck half the meat out from between those 2 bones

  12. Wait so having a wife who you have the sex with is actually a Beta move? Hanging out with your dumbass friends at a place a lot of us don’t even realize is still open is the Alpha move?

  13. No no, you're supposed to have a wife who you have sex with- but hate spending time with. That's the big chad sigma big penis energy we're after.

  14. Yeah I never understand people who shit on enjoying time with your wife. She's cute, we get along, and she touches me in the adult-only zone for free.

  15. So lemme get this straight: as an Alpha male, spending time doing something you enjoy with your wife is a bad thing. And leaving your wife to ogle boobs with your boys is a good thing.

  16. He actually has alpha male next to his name. Before Trump, I would think that is a troll account. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

  17. Imagine thinking eating at a Hooters is an alpha male move, yikes. This guy self-owned himself on multiple levels

  18. If someone says they’re an alpha male, just agree and say that you’re a double alpha male. They’re going to immediately try to convince you that your made up title is less legitimate than their made up title. Typical single alpha crap.

  19. There is no such thing as an alpha in a wolf pack, and the most dominant are females anyway. These people need to grow a spine and live their life without peddling toxicity.

  20. Never understood this desire to “never be with your wife or do anything she likes that you don’t like.” Do they marry people they objectively don’t like? If so why stay married??

  21. One of the most pathetic things I ever witnessed was this middle aged balding dude leave the bar of a Twin Peaks and yell to the bartenders, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a couple hours!” And I have never seen a group of women care less about a piece of information.

  22. Poor Nick will be taking the mid term results very badly, and will be doing everything in his (non-existent) power to boost his self esteem.

  23. Idk why conservatives are suddenly trying to promote the idea that "hooters is the place where boys turn into men" when there is just years and years of evidence where it's only really losers and other wanna be ladies men that go there.

  24. I'm so glad the alpha male craze only really started after I left school. Back then it was just "you're not one of the super popular kids" and that was it. Come to think of it, after like age 12 or sth it didn't even seem like there was much separation or at least hatred due to the different "castes" going on.

  25. Both are wrong. The real winner is the guy that goes to hooters with his wife becouse SHE wanted a veiw with her wings.

  26. Someone should report the account for not saying it's a parody. I bet some rushed employees have a chance of banning the account.

  27. I've never eaten more meat during a meal than the times I've had tapas. Small plates add up, although I imagine math is "for betas"

  28. I would say "Alpha males" do whatever the fuck they want to do, like going for a meal with someone they love and who loves them back and "beta males" eat shit food and have women pretend to like them for money. That is if any of these labels were real ofcourse

  29. I used to work as a dishwasher at a local version of Hooters (Buster's) and I can vouch that the waitresses held all the males in utter contempt--whether the guys buying drinks or the guys working in the kitchen.

  30. Which guy is more manly: the one spending time with his wife or the one who’s so insecure about his manliness that he’s judging people on Twitter?

  31. If you announce yourself an Alpha Male, then you are not an Alpha Male. Also, there are no Alpha Males! We are people, we live in a society, we work together. Dont be a primitive Chimp.

  32. Fucking let people enjoy things. Maybe I want wings and beer one day and vegan on other days. We don’t need to be macho men 24/7. This is the definition of fragile masculinity.

  33. Is that Nick Adams page on the original tweet supposed to be a parody or something? It’s hard for me to even take a statement that ridiculous seriously lol

  34. Only Betas like to brag about being Alphas or even spend a minute thinking about being Alphas, let alone defining what it takes to be one.

  35. I live near a hooters and like their honey Thai wings with blue cheese and sometimes watch football there. Guess that makes me a beta

  36. He thinks there’s a proliferation of Spanish vegan cafes. I would try it with my wife if there were such a restaurant near me.

  37. My wife and I sitting near any “Alpha Male” table laughed out loud and pointed at them to make fun of their ridiculousness.

  38. I remember hearing about hooters as a young boy. From the way people talked about it you'd think it was a strip club that had food and beer. I didn't step foot in one until I was in my early 20s and a co-worker dragged me there. He was in his early 30s, happily married and not allowed to go to strip clubs. I don't get caught in the whole alpha or beta thing but I'm pretty sure most people who go to hooters are married guys whose wives don't let them go to strip clubs or guys who can't afford to go to a strip club. At least the one he took me to had mediocre food and pretty unfriendly staff

  39. Fuck do I care what some other dudes do with their time? Why should I be invested in strangers likes and dislikes? If that’s what being an ‘alpha’ is that seems like maybe it’s not the way to go to end up happy and fulfilled in life.

  40. So alphas hang with their boys doing things that women don't enjoy and betas hang with their wives doing things they both enjoy? I'll take a beta please.

  41. Dude was like “even my wife hates me so I have to spend time alone eating shitty food and harass women who think I am a loser”

  42. Anyone who says they are alpha, immediately shows me that they're insecure, sniffling little dingle berries. Their egos are as soft as a baby's head and should really seek enlightenment.

  43. I don't think eating with your wife is a beta thing.. maintaining a wife is a pretty fucking alpha move...

  44. Anyone who actually believes in that whole Alphamale thing is the most Beta person possible by their own definition.

  45. Only reason to go to hooters, from the perspective of someone who doesn't have hooters in my entire country, is to respect those workers because it doesn't seem like they get any xd

  46. Nick Adams needs to clean out his vagina. How silly do you have to be to get your illusion of manhood from acting like a teenage boy.

  47. Hey Nick, here's a tip for you: any male who brags about being an alpha is automatically a beta. Guess what that makes you?

  48. Well there are Alpha Males but usually the guys who say they are aren’t… Alpha Males are the type who lead, overcome their fear ( of whatever it is ) to do what is needed, and their usually those who are Spec Ops, Operators of varying types, Astronauts, Bomb Squad/EOD.. U know the Shit most of Us wouldn’t and couldn’t dream of doing…🤷🏻‍♂️ definitely NOT some Dude who gets driven to His Job everyday and has servants do the normal ( hard shit ) of everyday life.. because most of them got there because they were born into it, born with $$$, went to the best schools, and have friends in high places who had a hand in getting them where they’re at today.. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  49. Honestly, I don’t get the appeal for hooters, I’ve never been there, I only knew about them because of the office lol Like if I’m eating, I’d rather focus on the food than some pretty woman; that’s why I love Texas Roadhouse

  50. So having a wife is a beta move, but hanging out with a bunch of guys is an alpha move. ... I mean, anyone else wanna tell him?

  51. FIRST OFF TAPAS ARE SPECIAL WITH JAMÓN SERRANO! Tapas are not vegan! Us Spanish people like to consume our animals. Bet he won’t say that in Spain 🇪🇸, he will get curb-stomped in a heart beat! He insulted our snacks and our manliness! Lol 😂

  52. This is amazing. I'm shamelessly stealing this frame of mind for the next time I have to deal with some douchebag who "identifies as an Alpha Male™"

  53. Nothing is less manly than obcessing with being dominant and manly. The kind of person betas call "alpha" don't try or think about being confident, social and e.t.c. they just are. They are just cool with themselves and feel no need to worri about that stuff.

  54. I actually drove past a hooters a couple of days ago and noticed it was all trucks in the parking lot and construction worker types in there.

  55. Considering she’s a famous actress who has more money than you’ll ever see, I think you should take life lessons from her.

  56. Ngl I once heard my roommate describe himself as an alpha male and I chuckled to myself a bit. " Hope whatever girls you try to hit on..thier boyfriends kick you in the nuts" was my exact thought

  57. You just proved his point...alpha males don't eat that Hooters shit. They have a woman and don't need to simp for a bunch of bimbos hustling for tips.

  58. Have you seen how much money Lockheed make? I'm with you on the rest, most of this internet language is bullshit - but that one doesn't fit there, it's been an issue long before all these made up internet issues became a thing.

  59. As a fellow alpha male, I just want to post a comment on Reddit and get some validation and attention from strangers. It is definitely not me compensating for any insecurities.

  60. Its posts like this that I see every day that really makes me question this assumption I see a lot of people making that if & when Trump is finally eradicated politically, that the right will suddenly go back to normal

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