1. Leicester still for me. Almost seems like a fever dream now that they actually won the premier League amongst the current big boys.

  2. Was there. It took about 3 seconds to sink in, we were so down and out, it seemed so unlikely that even when that hit the net my brain went “doesn’t matter we’ve blown it, but Dzeko scored so that’s 2-2, and now Sergio has scored so that’s 3-2 and if we win we win the league, so hoLY SHIT WE JUST WON THE LEAGUE”

  3. Housemate and I finished Uni exams on the Friday. Two nights on the piss then decided for final gameday Sunday we'd stay off the Internet, watch the entire LOTR trilogy and then watch the MOTD special without knowing the results. That was a good day

  4. I always love when they cut to Joe Hart and he’s just running around on his own. The adrenaline must have been pumping through his veins!

  5. This was the first year I started following the Prem. I happen to be on a plane this day, flying somewhere and on a whim I decided to pay for live TV, saw this game was on and decided to watch. I jumped out of my seat cheering and everyone on the plane, was like, what’s up with that dude?! It was an insane moment in sports history.

  6. Ah no. Sure the QPR defender (was it Taiwo?) fouled Aguero and everything, he catches his foot as Aguero skips past him. Can't say they weren't trying. They were just knackered after Barton was sent off.

  7. I was at a soccer pub in San Antonio Texas with fans of every team there. Wild times. I can't believe this was 10 years ago.

  8. I don't begrudge people liking this (least of all city fans) it's obviously got an enormous amount of last minute drama, snatching a title victory from hated crosstown rivals. But at the risk of sounding churlish or a massive killjoy, this video always leaves me completely cold. There's a few reasons but weirdly I think it's mostly to do with the commentary. Martin Tyler and Niall Quinn's insistence that this is the greatest thing you've ever seen in your life; "STUPENDOUS!" "DRINK IT IN!" "They'll never see anything like it in generations".

  9. The commentators have been fully behind the buyout of city ever since. With the exception of a few (Chris Sutton), they all love city and are totally cool with oil owned clubs because of the money it brings.

  10. I’ve seen the version that play “no time for caution” in the background so many times that the normal video got strange hahaha

  11. I remember this clearly. I was in Manchester, first year of uni and in my dorm. At first, Man U supporters were flooding Oxford Road shortly followed by City supporters a minute later. Was chaotic.

  12. Not a fan of either of these teams however always liked Sergio. It was also an iconic moment in the history of the EPL but the defending from QPR for that goal!

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