1. Yeah, I liked both the arturo fuente gran reserva and oliva serie v. The fuente has been my go to most of the time.

  2. If you want to add a couple cigars that are great for celebrating occasions, Davidoff blends are a great way to fill your time beautifully (full disclosure, I do work for Davidoff). If you have any questions about the brand, blends, or even if you need some help with setting up your humidor, lmk.

  3. Davidoff's are fairly expensive. So my question to you would be, if I was giving Davidoff cigars a chance, which cigars would you recommend that will make me want to come back for more and explore the lines?

  4. Padron x000 series, Tatuaje Black, MF Bijou, Foundation Tabernacle, Crowned Heads Mil Dias, AF Don Carlos, Saka Brûlée maybe get some of these 🤔

  5. I've tried a couple aging room cigars but the ones I got almost seemed dry/stale. So I think it was the fault of where I bought them. I want to try an find a nice cigar shop to go to sometime. I live in vermont so there's not many options without going to New York, or Massachusetts

  6. The Ashton portfolio has a great variety of blends from mild to full-bodied that are produced by the Fuente factory. They offer some great samplers that would offer you a little bit of everything!

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