1. I asked this question a few months ago. Most people pointed out that it burns very hot and that it's pretty much a gimmick.

  2. I’ve got one and it’s a conversation piece. Tried smoking one and it didn’t go well

  3. I feel like these types of “wacky” cigars are supposed to be more of a display piece than actual quality cigar/smoking experience. It’s like that giant cigar shaped like a baseball bat.

  4. I had one about 15 or more years ago. It was gross. It’s a novelty thing. Sure everyone who sees one wants to try it but I suggest resisting that. It’s just pure regret

  5. A friend of mine and I smoked a couple. He was able to smoke his without losing the ash. We had the full attention of the cigar bar while doing it.

  6. I carried one of each in my store last summer just for the laughs. They each sold within a week for 20 apiece.

  7. I’ve had 2 or 3 thinking each time will be better or different and it wasn’t really. 2 out of 3 burned weird. All basically had the same taste. For me, if I want a big, long lasting cigar, I will big the Asylum lock jaw pairing.

  8. Yep smoked it, for novelties sake. Decent flavor. Burned waaay longer in the middle. It takes a while to get to the outside from the middle of the egg part. Worth it at least once imo. Edit:spelling

  9. I forget which site it was but they rated it as the worst cigar they’ve ever done. I’ve heard similar reviews from others.

  10. If you get your hands on one, the right way to smoke it is the punch a hole in the middle, light it from from the both sides, and use a pick to hold it.

  11. It was so wide that i didn't need to ash it. Makes for a good story. Flavor is mild even in the maduro and it burns really hot once you get to the middle. Definitely worth trying it out

  12. Got one as a gift about 12 years ago. Been sitting in my humidor ever since. Just no desire to try it.

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