1. Yep. I just rode it for the first time a month ago and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. I know that a lot of people like to hate on it for not being a "real coaster" (even though it seems to check all of the boxes), but who cares? It's still fun. Like Ocean Motion but with spinning.

  2. Honestly, I think it looks really freaking fun. I'm a KD local and Tumbili was super disappointing. This looks waaaaay better!

  3. was forced to ride it against my own volition. loved it. Definitely a must ride if line is short. If you want bigger thrills, back rows are a must but it’s a pretty fun ride anywhere you sit.

  4. As a grown ass man I love the ride and will always take the time to ride it. The only thing I won't do is count it as a credit.

  5. Can those who have ridden this comment if you get dizzy/sick on it? I can't handle the spinning rides as well as I used to, but my kid wants to go, and she is small enough that she would need me to ride with her.

  6. I'm also bad with spinning, but Pipe Scream doesn't bother me. I can ride Matterhorn once per trip, but Monster, Troika and even Windseeker are all no-go for me.

  7. I get motion sick just sitting my my driveway but can handle Troika ok but Monster and the Himalaya with mild issues as well as it’s not too hot outside. Windseeker is a no-go. The flyers (Eagles) don’t make me sick at all. Pipe Scream is one of my few major regrets, it made me so seriously unbelievably sick and ruined my entire day at CP for me.

  8. I can get a little motion sickness, but Pipe Scream wasn't too bad. I'm not bothered at all by Lake Erie Eagles, and Matterhorn is a little intense but still enjoyable, but Monster and Tiki Twirl are really rough for me (I haven't ridden Troika yet). I'd say give it a try and try to sit on an inner row since you won't be spinning as fast on the inside as you will be on the outside. It looks worse than it feels.

  9. Yep, it's terrible for motion sickness. And one time it broke and was stuck just spinning when I rode it. Hardest thing I've ever done to not blow chunks on that thing .

  10. I used to do so well as a kid but now I'm 36 and know I can't do swinging and/or spinning rides anymore. This one takes me out every time and I have not rode it in a few years. I can no longer do MaXair or Skyhawk either. I have to stick with traditional roller coasters now and even then I'm pretty selective (Valravn made me a bit sick this year and I think it's from the large loops)

  11. I didnt like it. I can't spin anymore, makes me sick. It went on too long and actually made me a little sick. It's a great ride in theory, just not for me.

  12. I personally disliked it as it made me feel nauseous, but if others like it, that's cool. Some spinning rides I can handle fine, others not so much.

  13. Challenged my motion sickness for this ride and lost. I have no troubles with roller coasters but “carnival” rides eff me up. This one seemed smooth enough to be okay but it was not

  14. Why not? It's a car that rolls along a track, it goes up and down and part of its motion is generated by gravity, that's pretty much the definition of a coaster. I don't see what disqualifies it more than any other shuttle coaster or an impulse coaster like Wicked Twister.

  15. My kids love it but I got so dizzy from the spinning that I seriously didn’t know if I could stand up to exit the ride when it stopped.

  16. Our family has a lot fun on it, at least my sister, child and me. My husband doesn't do the flat rides that spin (scrambler, troika, matterhorn) but I wish he would this one. It does give brief moments of that, but not sustained enough to make you dizzy like those. Plus the amount of vertical is just fun.

  17. It's a fun ride, but slow turnaround time. Roughly 5 minutes for 36 riders. My kids like it, it's one that my wife can handle, so we'll ride it if we're in the area and the line isn't too long. I wouldn't ride it on my own otherwise.

  18. i can't do it, the spinning would finish me off for the day. I can do roller coasters non stop and be fine, put me on a ride that spins me in circles and game over. I can't even do skyhawk XD

  19. I went to cedar point with my mom and we hopped on as a joke and we’re surprised with a great time.

  20. I rode the equivalent at KI a few weeks back for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun it was.

  21. I really like Pipe Scream. I was at Cedar Point a few weeks ago, and after working our way around the park and doing all of the big intense coasters, this was a nice relaxing ride to go on. I just sat back and enjoyed the motion and the nice breeze that it created. It's a nice change of pace between the of the crazy rides.

  22. I personally get motion sickness on it, but I see rides like this at fairs all the time and was happy when I first heard Cedar Point was getting one for me to try. It's a good ride- better than the old games/shops that used to be there and it looks nice at night on the Gemini midway.

  23. I love it! It's really fun and thrilling for what it is, and I also love riding it because you get to face people and see all of their reactions :)

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