1. Thank you so much for saving him! That sweet little face says it all. Tears of joy. We love you Ghost! ♥️

  2. Did the vet give you an age estimate? If he's young (and it seems like he is), you can really help his adoptability by getting him used to handling his paws, belly and teeth.

  3. This cat fully chose you. I have a cat who was starving and scrawny, who wandered into my home and picked me. Two of them, actually. This is the most special feeling. He asked you to save him and you listened. This is the beginning of a legendary friendship. This is now your son. Be prepared or him to yell at you when it's dinner time.

  4. I was hoping you would give us an update. I'm so happy that everything worked out. Congrats on your new kitty.

  5. He's still got such a handsome face even though he's very emaciated. Can't imagine how better he'll look when he's nice and plump.

  6. This is basically how my orange boy, Otis, looked after a clean up, though he had some injuries that required the cone of shame! I'm sure you have gotten plenty of advice but just be aware he'll probably sleep for a loooong time now that he can finally relax. Otis slept a lot for the first two days, then he began to get playful. Introducing toys is fine, just know a little bit of playtime will wear him out faster than normal and he'll need lots of breaks. He already looks so happy!!

  7. He’s settling in nicely! I’ll get him some cat toys once he start to get some energy back. Right now he just wants to sleep in my lap. I’m sure he will be playful when he feels good.

  8. He’s definitely exhausted. The poor thing could hardly walk when I found him. He’s resting up now though with a full belly and warm bed!

  9. Yay for Ghosty!!!!!🌟 😻 he looks very much like my childhood cat Nipper. Tell him I love him very much please 🌻💜

  10. I fed a feral cat even skinnier than that. You could see her ribs and spinal bones. She was days (maybe hours) from death.

  11. I have a sweet little stray that started coming around about a year ago. I call ghost too, same coloring and all! He has one small white spot on his chest but that's it. He would appear & disappear out of nowhere so I started calling him ghost. So glad you saved that sweet boy ❤️❤️

  12. I have been following the vets advice about feeding. He’s super under weight so he’s on a high calorie diet until he’s gained some weight. The poor boy so so skinny you can feel every bone in his body when you pet him :( but I’ll make sure he gains weight (in a healthy way)

  13. I bet once he fills up he’s going to be one of the most beautiful cats humanity has ever seen. Thank you for your kindness and compassion. Now you have gained a great master

  14. I adopted a starving cat 12 years ago. He was less than a year old and was a skeleton with skin hanging off him. His nickname is now Chunks. He's done extremely well and adores us all, even the German Shepherd. Ghost will be fine, and so lucky to have you.

  15. I'm completely convinced that animals know when they have been saved and this kitty is no exception. Be ready, because he's going to make you his human and believe me when I say it is an honor. Best

  16. Thank you for saving him. It breaks my heart to see the shape he’s in. I’ll never understand how anyone can do something like that to an innocent animal. They don’t get to choose who their people are, people choose them. They are not yours until you are tired of them , they are yours for their lifetime. So if you aren’t ready to commit to them for the rest of their lives then please don’t adopt them. They aren’t going to be “okay” if you just dump them out somewhere. They aren’t wild, they don’t have the skill set to survive on the streets. That sweet kitty is so lucky you found him. I’m so happy he’s going to recover and have a happy, love filled life.

  17. What a wonderful person you are! I'm glad to hear that Ghost is in good health other than being half starved to death. I love reading stories like this! A pox on the people/persons who dumped him in the middle of nowhere. I sure hope there wasn't a whole litter of them. He is going to be more handsome once he has proper weight. Such a gentle creature, too. He was probably around humans and had no idea how to catch food.

  18. I made sure to look for others when I found him in case there were more of them. I couldn’t find any :( I hope his litter mates are ok.

  19. He looks a different color in every pic, is he beigy or grey? Very handsome and think he's going to have longish hair.

  20. You guys are REALLY CHAMPIONS! Thank you so much for taking in a loving little friend off the street, I pray and hope all the best for him and you all!

  21. Ohhhhh...he looks so much like my Little Boy. You're keeping him, right? He's obviously been through some stuff and deserves a nice home with lots of love....

  22. You are a terrific human, thank you for caring!! 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  23. He’s a beautiful boy! I remember you’re post yesterday… He looks like a super sweet baby… I’m so glad you’re keeping him… He is glad too. Poor thing was starving and would of died without your help. He won’t forget it… Cats remember ♥️ Please post in a week or 2 again… let’s us know how Ghost is recovering:) All the best to you both:)

  24. Thank you for saving him. My main suggestion would be to make him an indoor only kitty, especially if you have coyotes in the area.

  25. Thank you for being such a great human! He is adorable, such a sweet face, and I wish you many happy years together. He will be a real beauty when he fills out.

  26. Thankfully he found a goid person to help him get better. Every fur baby deserves a goid and loving home. I truly hope you keep us updated on Ghost.

  27. Good luck with Ghost, I bet he will become a healthy,, happy cat in no time. Thank you for caring enough to adopt him and take care of him, God Bless :)

  28. That Awesome To Hear And Your Cat Is Literally Too Cute!! Makes Me Wanna Go Hug The Hell Outta My Cat, But I Don’t Wanna Disturb His Sleep Haha!

  29. Thanks for keeping us updated. You both are lucky to have found each other. And have you decided to adopt Ghost? Whether yes or no, enjoy him and continue to keep us updated, please.

  30. OMG sooooo cute. Thank you for the update. Welcome to a life of indentured servitude. Your life will be filled with Cat box cleaning, responding to every demand. This kitty owns you now. Trust me I know, I have 4 that I serve!!!

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