1. There’s no rush. Take your time, get to know him and his personality. A name will come to you. Seventeen years ago, I named my tuxedo kitten before he even came home to live with me. A few weeks after he moved in, I woke up to him facing me in bed, and noticed for the first time that he had a black mask on his face, and his named changed from Hunter to Bandit. I almost feel that he was telepathically telling me his name.

  2. Try different pitches hi low different syllables..how about lazlo or nandor ? (what we do in shadows)....i like Milo or Remy.such fun!!🤔🐈‍⬛🐾🥰

  3. I try lots of ryhming names ..maisie mabel etc then switch to completely different sound like darlene jolene..over a few days cat came when i said mitzi so thats her name..

  4. Welcome to being owned / servant/ food slave to a Void Cat. They're first rate beasties. Feel free to let the kitten's personality suggest a name. For some reason names with 1-3 syllables and accent on the first one seem to catch their attention best. As for shyness get some treats or a bit of dry food and coax with that. The more they associate you with something they like the easier it will be.

  5. Henry became Albert became bertie became Albie and now he replies to Bee. Don’t stress it. I read once that they react better to Y/Ee endings

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