1. it’s about 2.5oz of wet food and 31 grams of dry. i follow the royal canin feeding chart but will call my vet tomorrow to confirm amounts.

  2. Confirm with this with your vet, but I think you aren’t feeding them enough. A 10lb cat should have about 220 calories a day. You can use this formula to figure out min.calories per day based on your cats’ weights:

  3. it’s half of a 5.5 oz can and 31 grams of dry food (tho we don’t actively weigh it anymore since we’ve gotten good at eyeballing and it looks like it’s about 1/3 c.) but i’ll call my vet and confirm the amount!

  4. Try to find a more low cal dry food and provide some at night also. Is the wet food the large or small size can? You could cut back on that a little just to have some dry food for overnight.

  5. that’s a good idea! they’re currently on the royal canin satiety diet and the can i split is a little over 5oz. it doesn’t seem like they’re losing weight but my vet said this food will be good for him since getting out and contracting FIV last summer :-(

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