1. They are sleeping in a cuddle puddle. Momma cleaned and fed them. Maybe momma needed a meal so she can feed these tiny kittens? I would have just kept an eye on them. A good momma wouldn't leave them for more than a few hours at this stage.

  2. Hey so first of all where did you find them? It's not unusual to find kittens lying around since mother cat has to go and eat. If you found them from a place well hidden and protected then definitely go and check for the mother cat or do this, it takes a lot of effort and time but if the momma cat is around, it'd be the best thing for the kittens. Try to find Heating pad and place the kittens exactly where you found them along with the Heating pad you have to cover the Heating pad with a thin cloth so that the kittens body is not directly in contact with the heating bad and you will have to feed them every 1 hour you can also try keeping some cat food near the cat so that if the mama cat comes and eat it you can be sure that there is a mama cat. Now is talking about food and how to feed them you will probably need A syringe or a small nipple feeding bottle you can find it easily on Amazon or in your local pet shops the nipple of these feeding bottles are very very thin almost thinner than that of the straw that we use. If you cannot find the feeding bottle then dry feeding them with syringe.

  3. Found them at my doorstep. Been waiting for momma cat to return. Been > 24 hours since I found them, still no sign of her. Haven't moved the kitties from where I found them. Maintaining a distance after they're fed. They're now in a cardboard box lined with clothing. Got them KMR from the pet shop. Also the 0-6 months wala cat food. They're taking the kitten replacement milk well. Been feeding them every 2-3 hours. Will take your advice & try doing it more frequently. Will look into the heating pad thingy for sure. Thanks Bhai. 👍❤️

  4. Search online. There are a lot of animal shelters looking after abandoned animals in Delhi. I'm not currently in the state but I'm pretty sure you can find a place for them

  5. That’s awesome that you found 2 adopters! God love you for caring enough about them to try so hard. The world needs more people like you!!

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