1. What the fuck is up with this thread being a pity party for landlords? These people own positively geared properties that are skyrocketing in value. They also aren't paying stamp duty, then turn around and cry poor about paying rates.

  2. My landlord's rates went up $80 (six month bill? Quarterly? Fucked if I know but....), our rent went up $20 PER WEEK.

  3. Is no one mentioning the NIMBYs? Not that I’m a fan of developers, but slowing down and blocking development of apartment blocks just leads to costs that get passed on to renters.

  4. I looked at buying an investment property a couple of years ago as rental income was so high but the combination of rates plus land tax plus body corporate + everything else, it made no sense as an investment unless I could have foreseen the dramatic rise in prices over the past two years (I couldn’t).

  5. If they want to get more people in flats they need to seriously inprove strata laws. The amount of complete bullshit we have had to support out elderly widowed mother through with the corrupt, ageist, misogynist committee of old white men has turned me off for life.

  6. Over the years heaps of comments about ‘it won’t last’, ‘the market will collapse’ Bullshit. Rent in Canberra has always been high thanks to the massive land rates

  7. Land rates and stamp duty are two sides of the same coin. Given most rental properties in Canberra are positively geared, the problem isn't rates at all.

  8. For a small one bedroom unit (approximately), the first $100 per week goes to pay the land tax;. Not a landowner pity party, but IMHO the solution to affordable housing is not more taxes, or anti-CGT, but rather more competition in the form of % of income social housing.

  9. In theory, if you take away the tax the rents will still be just as high. If you a profit maximising landlord you will charge the maximum renters are able to pay.

  10. I will say that I've seen agents decline these types of advances pretty quickly at inspection. Doesn't mean it didn't happen later I guess but they shut it down verbally

  11. I don't think that is accurate because there was consultation recently on tenancy reforms and rent bidding was one item considered...

  12. Of course it's expensive to rent - the local government has added lots of costs to landlords and expected them to somehow not try to pass these on. Further, development is super expensive so supply slowed down. This means only those who can pay the most can find somewhere to live.

  13. Disagree. I lived in sydney for 4 years in the inner suburbs and it was much cheaper than living in Canberra. It’s also much less competitive in finding a rental and the agents are much more straightforward in sydney as opposed to Canberra

  14. $1500? That's a load of shit. Just did a quick search of around the Sydney CBD and there are plenty of places starting around $350.

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