1. Key notes: there are 19 new cases today, including one at Lyneham High who was infectious at school last week, and an aged care worker. Lockdown has been extended until 2 September.

  2. I thought that too. Also heath care workers don't grow on trees. There are a finite number of people to draw from.

  3. The quality of the questions being asked by some of the journalists explains a lot about what the Canberra Times has become.

  4. I took my daughter to Weston last night for both of us to get tested (minor symptoms). There was pretty much no wait time, we were in and out in 30 mins! Thanks to all the wonderful staff, both front line and behind the scenes, who’ve been working tirelessly to get on top of the testing and wait times. You guys ROCK!!

  5. Any hints so checking the exposure sites doesn’t feel like Russian roulette? I work in Fyshwick and have one kid in primary and one in high school so a lot of the exposure sites have been close to home.

  6. Hoping with the lockdown and people getting tested the exposure sites will get under control. There is one mystery case from yesterday, perhaps there will be more developments there.

  7. Feature Request: There should be a button or notification mechanism in the CBR app to check the close and casual contact locations against your check ins.

  8. I feel ya, the day before lockdown I put in a request for annual leave for the first time in my life. 3 weeks starting next week. Planned to get out and see things I’ve been putting off for so long. Wanted to go to the zoo, visit the botanic gardens, try out some new restaurants, maybe go exploring try and find a nice hike…

  9. We have to cancel a photoshoot we'd arranged for my son's first birthday but not the end of the world. We will just pivot to an at-home photoshoot with our much less fancy camera and its timer.

  10. Really need the exposure sites to be updated soon tonight. I work and live right near Greenway Views, so if the person from there has been at the shops there's a chance I could have visited a site at the same time. I have an urgent medical appointment at Calvary first thing tomorrow morning, I really don't want to put this off but I also don't want to put anyone at the hospital at risk.

  11. If it's urgent then they can still proceed, just take more precautions. Just let them know if you find out you were in an affected area. Given the high proportion of people who have been to an exposure site, and the number of undiscovered cases that are still out there, they're going to be cautious anyway.

  12. a friend of mine got the same message. why would they send a text like that if they weren't going to give more information and advice right away? it's just causing more stress.

  13. That are sending people away from Brindabella covid testing site. They want close contacts etc only.

  14. People are ringing up some fyshwick businesses to cancel appointments for their cars and abusing the staff for being open. Like chill out guys :(

  15. https://www.covid19.act.gov.au/act-status-and-response/act-covid-19-exposure-locations?utm_source=Popularlinks&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=Popular%20links

  16. People see the footage of Barr saying the only people at Friction at 9pm would be the really nerdy ones via a hot mic after the presser yesterday? 😂

  17. I absolutely love that Canberrans are chill enough to be like.... 'Yeah, pretty much' about this 😂

  18. To the douche at Epic with their stereo blasting, if your going to force us to listen to it at least play something half decent 😒

  19. How is the line at Epic today? Am assuming there will be another influx of people based on the new exposure sites being announced. How long did it take you to get tested today?

  20. Do you mind posting the source? There don't appear to be any updates on the ACT Health Exposure List that I can see.

  21. As a casual teacher who has been at a few of these sites and just came up with a cough, this is concerning, if a bunch of other schools pop up on this list tomorrow....

  22. Are there rough times the exposure site lists are updated? I find it intriguing that they’re not updated right before/after press conferences which would generate attention? Greenway Aged Care facility, for example, not listed.

  23. Anyone able to ELI5 as to why there wasn’t a huge number of new exposure sites to go along with the 19new cases?

  24. I’m just guessing the exposure locations will explode later tonight, as soon as the contact tracers have done their job

  25. They only updated the list of exposure sites late last night and maybe again this morning. But it seems they don't really add a lot throughout the day and do a big update at night from what I've seen.

  26. I want to chime in and say don’t be too fast to judge people getting a takeaway coffee or meeting a friend for a walk. That might be the only thing keeping them from killing themselves. Lockdowns takes a huge toll on mental health and it’s something you can’t see on the surface.

  27. I think it's a bit of a balancing exercise. The little coffee place at Florey has its cheerful music going, everyone's milling about chatting with their families and it looks like any other day of the week - that's probably not ideal if people are supposed to be keeping their distance and not lingering. Also, as the carer of someone with a severe mental illness, I care deeply about mental illness, but I think that we need to understand why this is happening, that they will try to make the lockdown as short as possible and not conflate it with the misery of eg someone who's stuck in Kabul.

  28. https://www.covid19.act.gov.au/stay-safe-and-healthy/quarantine-and-isolation/quarantine/quarantine-for-secondary-contacts

  29. If you've lived in the same household as a confirmed close contact you are a secondary contact who needs to quarantine -

  30. Today I saw a group of friends all arrive at the same time and mention that it’s hard to coordinate meet ups at Lake G’s dog park, oblivious to the irony.

  31. I wish we had spies at the testing centres reporting wait times. I had heard of people getting tested in under an hour at the airport.

  32. Crazy busy already. I’d say 500-600 cars here already. I had to go to the bathroom and heard someone say they were turned away previously after waiting 10 hours and wait times had been an average of 40 minutes per car 😳 it looks like a lot of cars have multiple people so I can see how it could blow out

  33. Super busy. Since I got here at 8:30 they’ve added about 6 more lanes to organise the cars, and there’s still a huge line on the road part.

  34. Canberra definitely does not have a more spread out population, but otherwise agreed. Hilariously on brand for Gladys and shithead Barillaro to try and paint the ACT as the threat.

  35. At this point whenever they want to step out the door, Canberrans should be weighing up whether they want to do the thing now, or get a covid test in a couple of days when it turns out they have visited an exposure site. Because once you visit an exposure site you'll be having the authorities checking you're isolating, whereas now you're allowed to go out and do some of the things. Those are the two options now.

  36. An hour of exercise a day is still permitted, and very important. Even if that's just a 20 minute walk around the block. I highly recommend this for anyone who's feeling "caged in".

  37. Does anyone know what it’s like to be tested in Garran Capital Pathology without a car? I’m a close contact and I don’t have a car (Garran Capital Pathology is the only one within walking distance) and ACT health hasn’t been very helpful when I called them.

  38. Wait, did you tell them you didn't have a car and ask how you're supposed to get there since you aren't allowed to take public transport or taxis/ubers, and they wouldn't explain?

  39. Someone posted this yesterday. You could potentially order from somewhere where they'll deliver your food in a box instead?

  40. They've updated the exposure sites to include a second entry for coffee Guru at the Canberra centre but still no casual contact entry for the Canberra centre as a whole. I wonder why that is.

  41. The Canberra centre is massive and they'd be sending thousands of people to get tested when there are more important people to get tested

  42. Just like they have big w and Kmart and Gungahlin, but not the shopping centre itself. AFAIK there has been no deep clean done at either of those locations either

  43. ABC stream starts just after the case numbers, only catches the total number of active cases. Surely they can fire it up in advance.

  44. Most recent date for an exposure site is Friday August 13. Hoping that's a good sign that lock down has been effective over the weekend and any cases in the next few days are remnant of pre lock down transmission.

  45. Unfortunately I suspect with this many cases there is likely to be more exposure sites listed. If that doesn't happen then I agree that no new sites since Friday is a silver lining to the cloud of 19 new cases.

  46. Well if we compare Canberra population to just Sydney then its only 264... er... thats better right? Please tell me its better.

  47. I’m already so sick of the “worst thing about a 7 day lockdown is the first three weeks” joke. Yes, lockdown will probably be extended. No, you’re not the first person to find a joke that’s been kicking around for a year now.

  48. Hypothetically, what should a person do if they need to get tested but can't drive? I go to UC and work in Westfield and I fear it's only a matter of time before one of the places I usually visit is listed as an exposure site. I'm unable to drive, so I would need to go to the Weston clinic, but going in an uber/taxi or taking public transport if I were potentially positive seems like a bad move, is there one that provides less risk to others?

  49. https://www.covid19.act.gov.au/stay-safe-and-healthy/symptoms-and-getting-tested/before-getting-tested-and-travelling-to-the-clinic#Travelling-to-and-from-the-clinic

  50. Got turned away from Brindabella and Mitchell - at capacity and only allowing students from Lyneham. Drove past Weston and the line was as far as my eyes could see.

  51. Weston creek facility took from 6pm to 9:45 pm. Wait times are crazy. It was all standing in line as well. Next time might be an idea to go to epic and wait that extra bit longer. Especially if it's dark and windy. It was quite cold. They were turning people away at around 9. Some snuck past at the very end by the looks of it though

  52. It isn’t. IMO a lot of people are trying to find a way out of the house when they should be staying inside. I work at a supermarket and the amount of people who come in for one or two completely inessential items is mind-boggling. I saw at least 3 separate people come in just to buy flowers. One person came in and bought nothing but a plant. Another one a single pair of socks. Quite a bit of the older crowd I believe (but cannot confirm as I don’t follow them around) have been coming in to just wander around. Just yesterday I saw the same dude pushing an empty trolley for over an hour. Tons of people who bring their friends or families along and shop in groups. I’ve worked through this entire pandemic and I would love nothing more than a week off to just chill at home, why is it so hard for other people I don’t know.

  53. If anyone is wondering, the wait time at EPIC is 5 hours. The SES volunteers are handing out bottled water from time to time (thank you!), but if you do plan on coming, maybe bring some food for the long haul.

  54. Is there a way we can watch the press conference before it actually starts. Yesterday I had to keep refreshing YouTube than missed the start where they tell you the cases

  55. Good idea, we need to protect all the boomers that vote for Zed from the diseased socialists of the inner north

  56. Where could someone suggest that Check-In App has a new tab that cross-checks your check-in history against exposure sites and time?

  57. My understanding is that if your check in app relates to exposure site time you get notified by ACT health.

  58. Where do people get updates of expected wait time for Government testing facilities? The Chief Health Officer mentioned it in the presser just now but I didn't get the details..

  59. Yeah I couldn’t find anything on the ACT Health website and I would prefer to avoid Facebook if possible.

  60. Any one know how to keep across wait times at the various testing locations? EPIC was a 5 hour wait when I stopped by there around 11am today.

  61. How are you finding out the wait times at EPIC? I’ve been here for nearly 5 hours, barely moved, and gotten no information in all that time :(

  62. They’re infinite if you’re not one of the people from Lyneham high. I’m not there today so can’t give the updates i had yesterday.

  63. Have you missinturpreted the single bubble situation in NSW? I believe the single person can't visit the household of the nominated bubble person if THEY aren't single. However the other nominated person can visit the single persons household.

  64. Can someone tell me if you can only see an intimate partner if they live on there own or can you see them if they live with family

  65. You can always see an intimate partner regardless of each of your living arrangements, but obviously stay safe and make your own decisions.

  66. Anyone know how long Brindabella testing site wait time will be? Got told epic will be a 5 hour wait and they were sending everyone to Brindabella by the sound of it.

  67. We are farked. Thank you the selfish arseholes who wanted to flaunt the rules either coming in or going out NSW

  68. It's too early for the lockdown to have made an impact yet, so I doubt it's from people flaunting the rules. Not that I haven't also seen people doing that, and that will make the lockdown longer and harder.

  69. It’s still shocking that we have so many exposure sites and only 9 cases. Did we just get lucky or what? I think the lockdown will probably end on Thursday if cases continue this way.

  70. Hmm could be the pessimist in me but something tells me we've got a good chunk of cases yet to come. Positive case at Lyneham high was at school all week.

  71. I doubt it will end unless we have several days of 0 cases in a row with consistent high levels of testing

  72. The virus can take up to 14 days to incubate, so we are just at the beginning of this, I think. Plus everyone at the newly announced sites will need to get tested still, that takes time

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