1. Joystick and all are crammed about 1/3 smaller. Most games I play use 1 button and all but 3 I found use 3 so it hasn’t been an issue yet. I’m not sure there’s many games past the 80’s on these. I tried to make the smallest footprint possible, but the next ones will have one more inch on the sides and bottom of the control panel for my hands. It’s fine if your standing, but my palms hit the edges when sitting.

  2. $235 - Not as horrible as I thought considering what I’m going to get out of them. I like the build as much playing them so it’s kind of this vicious cycle. Prices may be by bulk. I’m always tinkering so I buy in quantity. I have a pi 4 in the horizontal and a 3 in the vertical, but I bought on eBay so I paid about 50% more than what I should have. They’re just so hard to find. A properly priced pi would get this under $200. $80 pi $40 monitor $35 buttons/control $5 usb $10 cables $5 breakout boards $40 wood/paint/finish $10 speakers/amp $10 cam lock and hinges

  3. Maybe because I’ve played enough with Retroarch, mame64 etc on a pc…but I found it easier at the backend once I figured out all the nuances. The reason I avoided them was because they kind of scared me, but I’m happy I did. I won’t give up all my pc setups, but I have no complaints with these for what I use them for.

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