1. We see fewer since we've gotten cats, but they're par for the course. Been in Durham 20+ years & it's just a part of life.

  2. I should say we see fewer alive, and fewer intact since getting cats. Often we just find a leg here or there lol.

  3. Wood Roaches are common because we have a ton of trees and it's always moist. They do not want to be in your house but they are looking for water, they like it damp. You'll find them hanging around storm water grates often as they like decomposing matter like leaves and sticks washed into the drains. Assuming you live in an older, wood house where they enjoy snacking on the decaying lathe. Since this cockroach species is only an accidental invader, you may be able to keep them out of your home using the following tips:

  4. Learn the difference between wood roaches (palmetto bugs), which are common and, while annoying, just something to manage since they don't live or breed indoors, and German cockroaches, which are gross and indicative of a problem and the type of bug that thrives in apartment buildings and other indoor spaces up north.

  5. Yeah, New Yorkers like to euphemistically call those German roaches “water bugs” just like southerners call our critters “palmetto bugs” but let’s be real: They’re all cockroaches.

  6. I'm from NYC and rarely encountered roaches inside of people's homes growing up. I also developed a phobia, and it got...shall we say...triggered when I moved here. It got to the point where I would avoid evening activities in the warmer months so that I wouldn't have to walk back on the roachy path after dark. I brought it up with my therapist, and we worked through some mild exposure therapy (I had a photo of roach that I kept on my computer desktop so I would see him a lot. I named him Horatius Coccles.) and unpacked things a little and it really helped. If you're able to get into therapy, I'd highly recommend it!

  7. I find my aversion to roaches increases exponentially if I'm barefoot. If I'm even in flip flops then it's stomp city and no quarter given.

  8. old north durham? yeah, you live in the forest, you live with the animals. It's part of the glory of being in North Durham. Glad you are enjoying it!!

  9. I’m near Southpoint. Have four dead ones laying on the floor. It’s like a no trespassing sign in the front lawn. Lived here all my life. Dirty Durham

  10. I grew up in the midwest and thought the presence of roaches indicated lack of housekeeping. I’ve been here 30 years and I love it, but roaches here are definitely just a fact of life sometimes. At least “water bugs” are —- these are the giant roaches. I still shriek like a girl when I see one in the house (once a month or so). If you see smaller ones, especially baby ones, it’s time to use the remedies people are talking about in this thread or call the exterminator.

  11. They live in trees so where there are trees you'll likely find em. They're pretty standard. That said, we live in a 50s-built house near Old West Durham with several mature trees in the yard and I haven't seen a roach in the house in the 2+ years we've lived here. I'd def consider setting some bait traps if they appear as frequently as you're seeing.

  12. This is the way. I don’t use Cy-Kick but rotate Bifen IT and Suspend SC or Suspend Polyzone outside, and mix in Nyguard IGR twice a year. People will downvote us due to the use of pesticides, but wear your PPE and keep pets/kids away for a few hours until it’s dry and you’re good to go. I do not spray any of these indoors as we have kids and pets just to be overly careful. They work as advertised and is the exact same stuff any pest control company would use, at a small fraction of the cost

  13. So you can use the spray and it's ok if the cats then catch the roaches? I would love to drown the perimeter of our house with chemicals to keep the roaches out, just always been afraid it could hurt the cats.

  14. It's common around here and we HATE them, too. We got a contract with a local exterminator and haven't seen one in years, though. We use Clegg's Pest Control, but I'm sure any reliable exterminator can help you out. We have pets and so the spraying is only done outside and under the house.

  15. I always thought I had roaches here because I couldn't afford nice places to live, but even my well-off friends have roaches in their places. So I think it's just part of life down here, especially if you are out there in nature.

  16. I’d never seen a roach in my life until we moved here. I was so freaked out. I still find them unbelievably gross.

  17. They are hard to get rid of when they find ways to get in through the crevices of old houses. But we get the outside perimeter of our house sprayed quarterly and I also sprinkle Diatomaceous earth (DE) which is nontoxic but kills bugs into all the little crevices, external doorways, under the fridge, dishwasher, bottom of closets, on the floor where ever I can find a little spot they may crawl that’s out of the way.

  18. Generally speaking, the farther south you go the more of them you'll see and the bigger they get. Older houses will have more of them than newer houses, but sooner or later they can be anywhere.

  19. A little of both. They are much more common here, and not necessarily indicative of uncleanliness, but of course an older house with lots of holes and a dirty crawl space is going to see more roaches in the living space.

  20. They are par for the course but they seem larger than before. I blame all the cardboard packaging for bringing them in. They love cardboard. Get it out of your house!

  21. I am walking distance to ATC, in a tree house (Harkrader) I get the big ones who live in the trees. Combo rouch traps and hunter cat keeps them under control but the do show up...part of living in the south.

  22. I used to have a tree overhanging my house and had issues with roaches coming into the house from the attic. I have Orkin come regularly which means almost all the roaches I see are already dead. But after the neighbor cut the tree down for unrelated reasons, I don’t even get dead roaches in the traps anymore.

  23. If you live around trees/pine duff its a fact of life. If you don't, move somewhere where you live around trees

  24. I'm not sure where you're from, but this is the South, and we got roaches. We use roach bait and I rarely see live ones these days, but we do not have a cat.

  25. I don't have anything to add outside of what's already been shared here, but just wanna say I empathize and I hope you find solutions that make it easier for you. I know first hand that phobias can be really debilitating. ❤️

  26. I’ve lived in a few different spots throughout Durham and Chapel Hill over the last several years and always had at least an occasional one (sometimes more). Last summer, we began having Clear Defense Pest Control come out quarterly and haven’t really had any roaches since…maybe 3 in the past 12 months, and they’re always dead by the time we find them. The company is a little pricey but it really does the trick! Might be worth considering if you can.

  27. I did three things that massively dropped the number of palmetto bugs that wandered into the house: 1) sealed up the fireplace. I wasn't using it anyway, so I taped a cover over it. 2) got the trees that overhung the roof cut down / back and 3) taped screening to the inside of my fans in the bathroom. The screening bit is really easy - if you want directions (and to realize there are much worse problems to have than palmetto bugs) you can find tons of YouTube vids about keeping scorpions out with the screens.

  28. Sign up for quarterly pest control. I leave near a small lake and many trees around and we get just several a year (although the cats probably get a few as well).

  29. I live downtown and saw my first roach in a year of living here. Living in Southpoint (backed up to a pond) I only saw one for an entire year..Wake Forest, I’d find them allllll the time. I’m not sure! I’d guess it might be a proximity to trees? None of the places where I’ve lived in Durham had trees next to it. In wake forest, I was in the forest…so…

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