1. The refs totally deserved to get chewed the fuck out on that one. Yes, by the rule he was downfield, but he was well behind the play, did not engage with any defenders in the second level, and did not elicit any attention/coverage from a defender. If you then decided to watch the Vikings/Pats games you would have seen a number of screens where the o-line wandered nearly five yards down the field by the time the QB got rid of the ball. If the zebras don't enforce the rule on screens where the ineligible receivers are acting as lead blockers they sure as shit shouldn't enforce it where the lineman is just hanging out on an island by himself well away from the play.

  2. I'm just gonna leave my red, white, & blue Bills gear on and say they are America Zubaz while I cheer on Team USA today. OLD ENGLAND IS GOING DOWN, GARY

  3. A bit late to the party, Reddit was incredibly slow for me last night. But I thought Devin Singletary was brilliant again yesterday. Even in a situation where the o-line looked as if they had blown up, Singletary was still able to gain positive yards.

  4. Wow, I can't wait for a Bills/Fins rematch, I can't believe that we're in this position, I'm a long time Dolphins fan, first time I went to the USA (British fan here) I managed to catch a home fins game against the Bills, with Jim Kelly and Dan Marino as qb's. We're good this year, but so are you guys, I've waited 30 + years to see them this good, and realistically it's these two teams going for the playoffs...it's gonna be wild!

  5. Idk wins aren’t starting to feel like wins anymore. I get it, you’re only as good as your record. But man… These games are getting really hard to watch sometimes.

  6. I feel the same way. I like a competitive game. But like Sunday when we were destroying for most of the game. Then almost lost it all in the 4th. And yesterday’s game was way to close for comfort.

  7. It was a short week, half the team is injured and they still found a way to win. Every game isn’t going to be a blowout. Enjoy the win.

  8. Really hoping our busted up secondary doesn’t make this Mac kid look good next week. Dude seems to completely fucking panic when he’s blitzed so in my layman opinion we should do that a lot.

  9. Hopefully Rousseau and Von are back next week. The more pressure the Bills can get on Jones without blitzing the easier time the secondary will have

  10. Thank you Vikings, I am still bitter about 4th and 18 but appreciate the help in taking down the Pats. Let's stick a fork in these dudes next Thursday.

  11. I also hope that he leads them to the playoffs just to get shit on by us again. Then, they don't replace him because playoffs but are stuck being in mediocre limbo

  12. Annoying they don't even get the "mini bye" this week because NE is a Thursday game. They seem like a team that could use some rest.

  13. Agreed, but at least the Pats are playing tonight as well, so they’ll be in the same position as us, plus we do get the mini bye, just one week later

  14. That ball definitely hit the ground from the other angle they showed and was thus incomplete. Pats bitching about it so hard. I’ve seen the same scenario get overturned to incomplete at least twice before (once to the Ravens IIRC). I also thought it was a completion until I saw that angle.

  15. Obviously a win is a win, but the offense did not look good today, save for the last drive. Maybe it’s Josh’s elbow causing more issues than is letting on, but they need to figure out their issues soon before these next three division games.

  16. Honestly the last drive looking good makes me feel pretty good. They put it together when they really needed it after a weird ass week. That hug between Josh and Steph at the end spoke volumes. They’ll figure it out.

  17. "They need to figure out their issues": the issues are the QB is injured and on 4 days of rest after a snowstorm that stopped the team from practicing

  18. I think a lot of people are dealing with lingering injuries, a week isn't enough time to heal from the majority of even minor strains/pulls and we've been super beat up since like week 2-3.

  19. Crazy how we seem to get teams to play us at 110% effort for their game of the year, and then they proceed to play like shit.

  20. I said this about the Jets game so maybe it'll be a jinx again but they really need to figure it out before the Dolphins game. Mac and Mike White/Joe Flacco/Mr benched in his second year aren't that scary. We need our best for Miami and Cincy and the playoffs

  21. Twitter is a hellscape and I wish it would die already. Bills "fans" over there calling for our coaches head even though we've had nothing but success since he got here. It's not a coincidence that he broke the drought and has this team pushing for a title

  22. Why would you ever go to post game threads on the main board?! It'll just negatively impact your positive mood after a crazy win while we were missing key players on both sides of the ball AND had a whole bunch of logistical fuckery due to the storm.

  23. Man, good game, good win, good food, good family, no drama. This the best day I could have ever asked for..stats n all the other bs shouldn't even matter for this week, happy Bills-Giving everybody!!!

  24. Watching the Vikings vs Pats game. Holy fuck that kid Jefferson is going to be a problem for the NFC when he hits his prime…. What a player

  25. They better have Bass kick it out of the end zone next week on every kickoff. The pats return guy is dangerous

  26. Let’s be completely fair though. The top posts in the Dolphins sub are trashing Josh Allen but all the replies are level-headed pushbacks on the original posts. The overwhelming majority of Phins fans are completely aware that we’re still a legit contender that is just going through a lull right now and that we’ll bounce back. Let’s at least be charitable here.

  27. I don’t bother going to other teams subreddits. But the Bills are 8-3 and their losses have all been close. The Bills aren’t playing great right now but it’s rare that teams just roll through a season. Injuries have played a part with their issues. Josh has turned it over too much recently. At times they’ve abandoned the run too early. They have some issues to resolve like all teams but 8-3 is 8-3

  28. Why are they acting like they swept us already lol Tuna hasn't played well in Buffalo yet... after seeing the Vikings last week and tonight and how bad the Jets actually are I like our chances beating anybody. Just gotta get healthy

  29. I’ve come to realize after years of working in sports retail that there is no one amazing fanbase because crazy people live everywhere. Are there some teams I’d say I had nicer interactions with sure, but they all had some that didn’t deserve to be fans.

  30. So at this point now the hijacking of your brain should be over. You should be feeling more like yourself again. Welcome back.

  31. Came here to make point 2 and was going to write it pretty much verbatim, right down to the 4d chess followed by the "I know he didn't... ", lol. That might have been a really fortuitous miss.

  32. Man I feel bad Josh threw another RedZone Interception! I don’t want this getting In his head but damn those cost of a lot of games . Almost another tonight ! We would have been up 24/14 with momentum.

  33. Yo that isn't wasn't a bad throw or decision, just a good Def play. JA17 should lose zero sleep over that.

  34. Do we think Josh is in a rut because he’s an emotional guy who gets really upset when the bills aren’t winning and blames himself OR his elbow OR a combination of both? Or Ken Dorsey being a fucking doorknob?

  35. It’s the offensive line. That has been the problem and it’s getting worse. Dawkins is overrated and now he is hurt. Saffold hasn’t produced much, Brown and Q are anywhere from to terrible to just bad.

  36. He had rough patches under Daboll too. OC is just the scapegoat for these kinds of things. It's mostly just bad execution on Josh's part and that happens sometimes, nothing to lose your mind about. He's still great and Dorsey is a fine OC. I think Josh was starting to get overwhelmed by being a one man offense and put too much pressure on himself when we started slow out of the bye. Back to back wins will hopefully pull him out of the rut.

  37. All of this. But I don't think Josh is in as bad of a rut as people say. He's still throwing dimes, he's still making huge runs. The interception problem is getting better, but also a lot of it feels like miscommunication with receivers and just them being seemingly never open

  38. I’m as sick of making excuses for them as anyone…but holy crap…by the end of the game we were without 40% of our OL (which happened to be our two best OL in Morse and Dawkins)…AND 6/11 defensive starters (Hyde out, Tre and Elam barely played, Edmunds, Miller, and Rousseau

  39. I feel the same way. I'm sick of us pretending like injuries don't matter. If Josh Allen actually had a serious injury and had to miss multiple weeks, this entire sub would have a meltdown and say the season is over. But missing multiple defensive starters and two starting OL has just as big of an impact. It's very clear that injuries are stretching this team thin.

  40. Singletary continues to look very good. Cook was good as well. Seems like hiring that new OL Coach could be paying dividends.

  41. Absolutely since the 3rd Qt against GB. I think his elbow gives him a zing when he has to throw like a baseball pitcher. I think when he gets to throw like an outfielder it doesn’t bother him.

  42. Cook was great last game but was terrible today. He was running tentatively, had some chances to make plays or break tackles but failed. He dropped a ball or two.

  43. I agree on Singletary, but Cook only rushed for 4 yards. Granted he only got 2 carries and I think losing o-lineman took away some of those outside runs that Cook normally excels in. Cook also had a couple drops (at least 1 that I vividly remember, currently in food coma).

  44. I’m guessing it has something to do with arm angles. The short passes require more diverse angles for certain windows.

  45. Dane Jackson is unfortunately gonna be on a lot of receivers highlight reels after the past few weeks. Dude is always in position but never makes the play.

  46. Important that we just keep finding ways to stack up wins while we buy time and get Josh's arm and our defense healthy. I really don't care how we do that or what it looks like. Another job done.

  47. All we will remember is the number added to our win column come January. Being able to win games when you play like shit isn’t easy

  48. Don’t go to the chiefs sub. Bunch of idiots over there acting like they didn’t like Malik Willis bring them to OT a few weeks back lmao

  49. I just finished watching the game again and Jackson was even worse the second time. Just an awful game from him.

  50. Agree. They have a lot of talent and they played really hard again. They probably deserved to win but we are just tougher down the stretch.

  51. Lost a lot of close games this year. Definitely improved over previous years. Lions could be a surprise next year if they keep this up.

  52. Imagine having nothing better to do on Thanksgiving than be a sarcastic loser on another teams subreddit, on a day your team didn’t even play.

  53. Thanks. Coming from a Dolphins fan, it means a lot This is Detroit's Super Bowl and they gave us a heck of a fight. You know that every win in the NFL is not given but earned. We put the Lions into a position where they needed to execute at a level they were not prepared to do consistently.

  54. 15 I think McDermott said. Could’ve fooled me though. I feel like he wasn’t even in the game. His absence is definitely felt.

  55. Lions are no joke.. no really.. seriously.. for real… no really im not kidding, yeah real life… no joke.. the Lions… really

  56. Ok so don't let it surprise you when they are playing for a wild card spot at the end of the season.

  57. It’s November. I don’t care how we’re winning just so long as we are, save the pretty football for when the serious stuff begins

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