1. Lions fan here, hoping that Miller is alright and avoids serious injury. Accidents happen, but it's never a great feeling to have your team be involved in injuring such a crucial piece of an opposing team. An initial showing of knee sprain is good, that means it's very unlikely that the ACL is damaged, but there are still concerns for the MCL and Meniscus.

  2. Thanks, Vlad. Appreciate the kind words. Your Lions are no joke. They have a great coach and plenty of budding stars on the offense. Looking forward to seeing Detroit topping the NFC North soon.

  3. He got rolled up on by a Lion. Dude stepped on his ankle and then proceeded to fall on him bending him up pretty good.

  4. I agree watching it. Ppl saying acl but would worry worst case mcl/meniscus with the mechanism. Per video it doesn’t look like it was tweaked enough to tear

  5. This is good news. Most orthos know immediately if an ACL is gone with the Lachman test. An MRI will confirm the extent of damage but it seems we dodged a bullet

  6. I know I am very late to this, but FWIW I just wanted to say that a Lachman’s is wonderful if you’re able to perform the test immediately following injury. A knee with a torn ACL, among the many injuries possible in conjunction, will many times start to tighten down and guard for protection pretty much immediately, which can often lead to inconclusive results. This is probably why we were originally told the tear was unlikely.

  7. Well if there's anything we can take from the Allen injury its that he shouldn't come back too soon because Allen looks like shit

  8. “Knee sprain” is medical jargon for “I’m not good enough to tell.” MCL, ACL, LCL, PLC, PCL — get specific or feel ashamed of your physical exam skills- Josh’s UCL injury was a sprain and they told us- a full tear of any ligament is a grade 3 sprain. So Tre White had a “ACL Sprain” technically and was out for a year.

  9. Not necessarily at all… multiple ligaments in the knee. And you can usually tell if an ACL or PCL is torn in the blue tent, enough where the report would be “feared torn ACl pending MRI”…

  10. He looked like he was walking alright with a little limb after the play. Don’t think it’s as severe as an ACL but will probably be out 3-4 weeks

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