1. 11 years ago, maybe 10 I went to Washington a few times in the same year. Got to go to see a Sounders match, a Mariners game, and a Seahawks game. All three events were, really pedestrian. I would have liked to go to a U Dub game, but I’m sure it’d have been more fun to watch at the hotel bar.

  2. I grew up in Washington, a lot of fairweather fans who really only get into it when the teams are good. Of course there are some real die hards too though. It’s also a big transplant city, lots of government and military people who come from all over so they don’t really care about Washington teams. It’s easy for those people to get into when the teams are good.

  3. I introduced my (now ex-) gf to football and she chose Seattle since she lived there for a while. They went on to win the SB that year and suddenly I'd never seen a bigger die-hard fan in my life 😂😂 Glad I got her into the game we all love and obsess over but something tells me she's probably not quite as passionate these days

  4. All the shots from Thursday's broadcast of the parade in LA was of the players lol (edit, not Chargers but still LA)

  5. DC is very much a football town and love the Skins, but I don’t blame them one bit for not showing up to games. The stadium experience stinks, is in the middle of nowhere, overpriced, and all the money goes to that snake Dan Snyder

  6. you are correct that Eagles and Seahawks are less deserving, I just them on here because they have one ring and their career winning percentage is close to .500. I should have included the Bengals and Jets maybe? or a slot with (someone else). Who do you think is the most average team, I don't think it's Titans because they have minimal support. Chargers have had more support just no a ton since moving to LA

  7. I think the Rams were the best answer for this question before they got their second ring, now the Chargers is the most average. They've had some really good teams and also bad teams. They've been to a super bowl but haven't won and their winning percentage is 17/32 all time. The Seahawks are maybe the worst option here but they are 15/32 all time, but their 2013 title team was one of the best all time and they have the 12th man and fake fanbase.

  8. As someone who has spent a large portion of my (fairly short thus far tbf) life in the DC, I’m surprised the Commanders have this many votes. Very passionate fanbase in my experience

  9. Having been to Tennessee games, they ONLY go to games when the team is winning. If they're on the brink of a winning season they struggle to get fans there.

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