1. Yes the OL looked terrible. But it was the backup OL going against the Colts starting defense. And this was done to evaluate Bills backup OL.

  2. I agree with that but, Keenum was also against the Colts starting defense and having 2nd&3rd stringers while Barkley obviously wasn't. But, we have also seen Barkley tear up the Dolphins defense.

  3. oh baby, I was so impressed with the 2nd stringers playing against the first stringers of the Colts lead by an experienced guy like MAtt Ryan.

  4. Anybody in the Albany, NY area that was watching on Fox23 have the game flip over to info-mercials for the entire second half? Really frustrating.

  5. We're paying both men regardless...Keenum might be the highest paid 3rd string QB in the league 'cause Barkley > Keenum

  6. Keenum has a stronger arm than Barkley. But it still has no comparison to Allen. (Seems if you have a cannon, you already have a job in the NFL. No slingers in FA) it'd be nice to have a backup that you didn't have to change scheme.

  7. Keenum was so awful. We saw him watching from the sidelines after they switched to Barkley - he was so miserable!

  8. We Winning culture, don't care if it "matters" or not. We're winners. We want wins, we get wins. You think Blackshear was thinking it's just preseason. Naw this football, Bills players/mafia got that can't stop won't stop you can't turn that off

  9. Nice to win a one score game, doesn’t matter when it is, we lost too many one score games last season so nice to see we’ve sorted that out even if it’s preseason

  10. Kinda wish McD called that TO with 16 seconds left, then made the D go out to stop the Colts offense for 13 seconds

  11. Yes it's a preseason game so it doesn't count. But then why replace a tie game with another preseason game that doesn't count.

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