1. “Do not forget that the Bills are THAT team. You might pull up the schedule and look at some of the challenging games and say, ‘Oh that’s going to be a tough one…’ Every single team that looks at their schedule and sees the Buffalo Bills KNOWS that they’re in for a tough football game, and that they’re going to have to play their best game to beat the Bills.”

  2. This. I think there will be a couple games where it's much closer than it should be because every single player on an otherwise middling team has the thought "Man, if I get some good tape against the Bills my next contract is set."

  3. I've only become a Bills fan this year as I've started to get interested in football, so I haven't been through much yet with the organization. Nevertheless, it's so exciting to see the franchise finally being taken seriously, and I'm so happy to see long-time fans who can finally enjoy watching their team for once!

  4. I stopped Praying to God years ago.I saw only half of things I asked for would come true . I Searched for something to praise.Now I pray to Josh Allen because he’s the kinda guy that gets shit done. I asked god to beat the Pats and all I got was Nate Peterman and Tyrod Taylor. I asked Josh Allen and he beat those cocksuckers in a perfect playoff game.so I’m praying to Josh every other day now.Thrice on Sundays

  5. Not that I am concerned that Poyer will hold out this year, but after seeing our schedule get released I bet he'll wait until next year to play hardball. I know money is important in this industry, but how do you pass up at LEAST 6 primetime games?? Best case scenario, we win the superbowl this year and then Poyer gets a massive contract (which he will deserve).

  6. Just got my ticket to the Bills @ Bears game on Christmas Eve. Now I just need someone to tell me where the tailgating's going to be!

  7. Just got season tickets today!!!! Cannot wait for this season to start and it’s only may!!! GO BILLS!

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