1. The most pointless thing ever is draft grades, we know nothing compared to what these NFL teams know. There’s a reason they picked who they picked and where they picked them… I remember when the colts drafted Darius Leonard and it was deemed “the worst pick of the draft”.

  2. It's because the media has nothing else to talk about now the season is over and need clicks. Its rare when a media-lauded draft actually turns out to be as good as they say it does. Especially since round 1 typically gives you about a 63% chance of finding a starting caliber player and rounds 2-7 are a crapshoot. Environment and situation often matter a lot in that hit rate as well.

  3. The only way I see that happening is if Zach Wilson takes a monster step forward and plays like a top 10 QB. They have the pieces to help him out. We shall see.

  4. Hot take (maybe not too hot) they end up in 3rd. New England takes 2nd and Miami takes 4th and is in the need for a new QB next year. Either Tua gets injured again or just isn't it.

  5. Any news on White and his progress? Think they were saying projected to return possibly 8-10 months so he’s probably half way there or so.

  6. He's been in the background of a lot of the Bills videos they've been putting out. The dude is putting in the work at least.

  7. I belive he will be on IR until about a quater through the season, thats why we took a cb in the first round, also thats a bad injury and he prolly wont return back to 100%. I think he will play most of the later games but until then we have the depth to have it work out

  8. I'm moving back to NY next month after living away for the last ten years. I'm excited but it's also nerve wracking to get everything in place.

  9. This team is complete, we’re ready for a super bowl run. We had the number one defense even when we didn’t have a strong edge rusher and Tre white for half the season. Drafting Elam and signing Von fills those holes. And we have an top offense that got only more beefed up this off-season. The improved O-Line, Kromer back and drafting Cook further juices this offense. Go Bills.

  10. Less than a week away until schedule release fellas! What’s your O/U prime time games (only game on at that time) for the Bills this year?

  11. Pepperidge farm remembers when all our games were Sunday at 1 with a prime time game vs the Pats where NE beats us down. I like this new team. Although I get less sleep with the late games. Go Bills.

  12. Is Baker Mayfield that bad? I haven’t really followed him and there always one segment about it on every show.

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