1. I think it’s a combination of the o line gelling the past month or so, Josh becoming RB2, and yeah, individual effort from Devin. Like, am I crazy to think that he’s found a bit of a power element in his game the past six weeks? Either way, he’s playing his best football of his career at exactly the right time

  2. wow, this is unreal... I'll be keeping my eye out looks like motors buzzing around the field even after the play

  3. I feel like our whole team does this more than the average team. Watch Spencer Brown fly around all over the place and sprint to help pick guys up. He’ll be known as the highest energy RT in the league before too long I believe.

  4. I noticed this last year about Motor too. He's in almost every close up shot after the play. He gets involved every time he's on the field. Blocking, running the ball or just helping a teammate up.

  5. I love that Dawkins picks up not only our players but opponents. Got that good big brother energy to me and speaks volumes and is what I want in a leader

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