1. God I hope so. Do not build an outdoor stadium in the snow belt in 2022. While yes stadiums in general have been downsizing, the Pegula's seem to think the noticeable attendance decline in the late season will fix itself by just downsizing the stadium, yeah I think the same problem will exist if this is a open air again.

  2. She went to Syracuse. It would be the TITS if they played one game a year in the Carrier Dome instead of going to London or Toronto or some BS. Boat loads of BILLS fans in ‘cuse. Always been a dream of mine.

  3. The Bills are staying in OP. It be a political exodus from Buffalo if the county and state fucked that up. Kathy Hochul is up for election this year and needs to show she can get things done. One of the key items on her to-do list are the Bills stadium.

  4. Definitely, you had another 5-10 years of litigation and construction at a DT site. It's not easy to displace people from their homes, which the Athletic reported as up to 6000 people, not to mention the infrastructure studies and planning needed before a shovel would ever hit the ground. Pegulas are not waiting that long. OP site is shovel ready.

  5. Well hopefully the state is taking the Minnesota approach and saying any stadium deal we agree to needs a roof, since we will be paying the majority of the cost in this deal we want the best use of this money and this stadium needs to be bringing in revenue year round.

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