1. I worked at a company for a number of years never taking a day off and doing all requested or demanded over time which was massive and not always paid for. To show how keen i was for a promotion I updated and rewrote the company training Manuel in my own time it was at fist dismissed but then later adopted (most of it I should say not all of it).

  2. About 10 years ago I got a new job. From day 1 my manager started training me to replace him. I had aspirations to have his job and he had aspirations to promote out of his role into something else. Several times he was flown around the country for one reason or another and I did his job and my own in his absence.

  3. The company I was working for here asked me to go an manage an office offshore. After about a year of living and working in abroad, they told me they need me to sign a local contract just for the visa and local laws. The CEO said directly to me; all same conditions etc. For some background, the country I was residing in has 15 days annual leave and it doesn't accumulate. If you don't use it within the calendar year, you lose it. After working abroad for 3 years I returned to the office here because I was missing Australia, and 8 months later I resigned to move to the other coast where my kids were living. They tried to get me to stay on, fly in/fly out, but I'd witnessed some dodgy business dealings over the years and I didn't want to continue supporting these kinds of people. Well, the company refused to pay 56 days of untaken holiday leave (around $27,000). They said "but you were on a local contract, so your leave expired" I said "But you said same pay/same conditions", they said "Prove it". I learnt a lesson that day; don't trust any c_nt, ever. They should follow the same advice as that night I parked outside the perimeter fence in WiFi range and cloned their whole server; quotes, rates and everything, and took it and started my own business, and I'm doing better than ever, with some of their clients. It turned out to be a gift in disguise.

  4. I can supervise and lead a team but wouldn't be a manager because having to deal with all that shit would just do my head in. Wait, my head is done in as I'm a planner, a manufacturer, a procurer and logistics officer. I forget who I am at work because I do so many things sometimes even IT shit. I forget what my role is but the sweetness is getting paid monthly and doing whatever I want as long as the work is done. Often I'm alone in a building inside another building and that's very strange.

  5. I was once about to apply for the Lidar Scientist role in the Australian Antarctic division. It was my dream job. Had lots of research experience working with lasers and optical systems etc, so it would have been perfect. The next application season comes around and the job just disappears... it was such a kick in the guts. I havn't seen it pop up again since then :'(

  6. Yeah, for some reason the artic job seems really appealing. I'm going to apply. It would be nice to actually have a job that has a positive impact on the world and not just some customer because they paid money.

  7. Best of luck getting a new job mate. There does actually seem to be a lot out there. I started a new job 3 weeks ago and couldn't be happier. In my last place of nearly 10 months I was getting major anxiety. The owners and their daughter have zero idea how to treat people. Some of the blokes are cock heads, and one fellah with a God complex shouldn't work with others and I hope that one day he gets what he deserves. ( Nothing good. ) I'm about the ninth person to leave since I started in February, gives you some idea. Oh and that's with a crew of about 12 people, lol.

  8. The smaller the company the worse it is. I work in a company of 3 that's now 5 and it's awful. Can't avoid the wankers, the teachers pet is always right there and the bitchin, my lord!!!

  9. Thing is, the new supervisor was actually not too bad of a person or maybe I'm naive or something. I dunno. Right now I'm sitting back and chuckling at the shitshow that's occuring. Cunts are panicking as we wont be ready to service clients in the morning and someone dropped the hint that the boss and his buddy regularly go out golfing and leave the wkend out to dry. The sales department is screeching haha.

  10. 10 years spotless service (old school work ethic/parents, do hard work, get rewarded). Started at the bottom, worked up to manager.

  11. I'm sorry that this happened to you but fighting the good fight certainly isn't worth your mental health or relationship with your kids. Take a step back and spend spend your effort on those things.

  12. You sound like a mate of mine in warehousing. The company he worked for were looking for a new supervisor so he tried his hardest, always worked overtime AND weekends without any question asked and Stepped up big time.

  13. Nah, I've had my fill of this place. The owner, so my bosses boss, got wind of this shit fight and long story short: all supervisors have to come in today. Lol

  14. The company I work for got bought out at the start of the year by a huge international publicly-traded company. It was pretty chill with them not really changing much or affecting us very much, until

  15. This happened to me. As soon as you learn the company would rather hire over you then promote you it’s time to go.

  16. I sympathise, my cousin works in foster care and the workplace culture sucks there apparently. The Peter Principle (oldest serving scum rises to the top) reigns Supreme and there is backstabbing too.

  17. The Peter Principle is about someone being promoted up to their point of incompetence. What you're describing is the old school seniority based promotion.

  18. Have a feeling I'm going to have a similar story to share in a couple of months, but I'm waiting to see what happens with the vacant position first.

  19. A day of reckoning must come where businesses realise they can't get away with whatever the hell they want, where they have to stay on point

  20. It honestly looks and sounds appealing while actually contributing to something worthwhile. Now i have to sell the idea to my wife 😄

  21. Unfortunately my mental health couldn't keep and required hospitalisation for a period of time. Never been the same since. But we keep trying and keep talking w/ our health professionals.

  22. The difference between me and your basic antiwork reddior is that I'm not going to let myself wallow in resentment. I had my little whinge on here and am now going to move on. Hopefully to bigger and better things.

  23. You sound like you take your work way too seriously, work efficiency and productivity problems are living rent free in your head.

  24. I'll care as much as my supervisor/manager does. Apparently thats zero. From the looks of it thiugh, the owner is kicking heads in and making them care.

  25. yeah Antarctica does have jobs, they pay very well, no holidays can be taken while working their but it is still paid out to you at the end of the year. and its all tax free because its technically goverment jobs. id love to do a year down there. would be awesome in the 6 months of sun or darkness and bitter cold.

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