1. No this is wrong, I think we misunderstood. He MISSED shooting at the dog and accidentally shot the coworker. He was not saving the dog but Infact trying to kill it. Very sad

  2. Without body cam of the ofc behind the door, my guess is negligent discharge (from ofc behind door in "combat" with dog). Almost a head shot

  3. Is it just me or is it legitimately every single body cam video I see they just have horrendous weapons discipline and handling skills.

  4. Hope the dog is OK! I’m indifferent to the 3 stooges until I see their track records, I mean they ran and shot each other, because “scary dog said woof” True Failures.

  5. There is bodycam footage of the officer behind the door. That dog in the crate broke out and the officer accidentally discharged his gun while trying to run from the dog.

  6. This definitely deserves a Darwin award, I never felt safe around cops and this clearly shows how careless and unprofessional they can be

  7. You really should look I to the context of what happened before making a stupid comment like this

  8. Wasn't him lmao it was the officer behind the door! I also thought the same thing till I really slowed it down. Dude puts a peep hole in the door for the home owner

  9. How was it deserved? Donut operator broke down this situation a while back and you can tell the cops weren't planning on hurting the dog

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