1. Okay so if you're traveling and trying to stream from somewhere else how can they tell the difference? It'd be like blu-ray charging fees to take a movie to a friend's house

  2. Right? What about people like travel nurses? Contracts can be as short as 3 months… would you be penalized for changing your address frequently?

  3. Before my fellow Americans get scared, it’s only “in Argentina, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras” for now

  4. Sure none of the other streaming services would try something like this. They don't have the same issues as Netflix, right?

  5. Yeah I’m canceling once this comes into effect. I also travel for work to about 4 persistent locations for weeks at a time. I’m okay with simply moving my attention elsewhere.

  6. Yeah, this is really making me glad I just purchased that new DS920+ with 60TB of storage. I literally just finished setting up Plex/Sab/Sonarr/Radarr on it today!

  7. They would rather hurt some people who are using it as intended then let a few people get away with abusing it.

  8. Or someone who live in Europe and has two children at different schools in different countries and comes together in their country home for summers?

  9. So if someone has a cottage that they go to every weekend they’d have to pay extra to use their own subscription? Time for people to cancel.

  10. This is 2022 most people are mobile, this restriction is not going to work out well. There are so many cases that affect this, but hey I don’t have their data so let us wait and see.

  11. This would never have gone over well even if people weren't pissed off at them for reasons that have nothing to do with it. Idiots.

  12. And the hits just keep on coming with this streaming service. It really seems as though they want to drive what remaining customers they have left away.

  13. So netflix is officially in the business death spiral of instead of trying to expand their business they are going to milk every penny they can from an ever diminishing base of users.

  14. Yep, it's a repeated pattern in a lot of places, exec1 builds a successful platform - exec1 cashes out and leaves to go be the CEO of a toothpaste company - exec2 comes in and maintains status quo and does not innovative - profits decline - exec2 needs an easy way to boost profits in short term to make themselves look good - exec2 has brilliant idea of a 3$ price hike without any added benefit - profits increase in short term - exec2 cashes out and becomes the COO of an American Car company - long term the product and profits suffer - exec 3 comes in and knows he must maintain the status quo - repeat.

  15. It’s insane, like who tf cares if others use it anyways. I get where they’re coming from cuz they want each household to pay but when you’re already paying for 4 screens cuz it comes with the 4K HD plan and downloading capabilities you want, you’re literally already paying for the 4 screens so what does it matter what screens/houses use those? It’s fuckin paid for already! They’re tryna compensate for all the losses somehow but going about it the wrong way as they start to put it all on the ones who are still around.

  16. Yep! This is what gets me too. A lot of us are already paying for extra screens so our kids away at college/young adult kids can share our family accounts. I can assure you that a lot of college kids are not going to foot the bill on their own. So, why should I pay for extra screens AND an additional fee on top of that just to share an account with my own kid? I’d rather just drop down to the 1 screen we use at home or cancel the service altogether than pay essentially two add-on fees for my kid to watch a show outside my house. Either way, Netflix is getting less money from our family than they were before.

  17. Don’t just downgrade, cancel and let them know this is the reason. Netflix doesn’t have anything worth watching rn anyway.

  18. Exactly. I'm paying for 4 screens against my will because it's the only plan that includes 4K. I should be able to do whatever the fuck I want with those 4 screens.

  19. Time to rush the rest of the season of Stranger Things because I have a really weird feelling I'll be down one subscription service soon.

  20. "The fee for each extra home is also $2.99 a month in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Guatemala. In Argentina, the fee is 219 pesos per month (about $1.70 USD). Netflix apparently is aiming for a broader rollout of an account-sharing fee or fees by the end of this year."

  21. You already limit how many people can stream simultaneously from one account. What problem is this solving?

  22. Other streaming services will likely eventually get on board with all this shitty stuff but why does Netflix always have to be the trailblazer? They’re always the ones who come up with the shitty ideas that everyone else emulates.

  23. This seems over complicated. Just limit each user to 2 profiles per account and charge $3 per additional profile. This isn’t hard. The more confusing they make it, the more people will leave.

  24. Once this starts being an issue, hopefully the majority will all unsubscribe, then hopefully Netflix will backpedal and realize they’re losing money?

  25. Nah they can go swivel. I work up and down the country (UK) and if I'm in certain locations I stay in regular air BNBs, with smart TVs. They think I'm paying more, its just going to be a pirating situation. Robbing thriving swines.

  26. Does Netflix not understand how they got here? They literally solved the vast majority of piracy just by making TV shows and movies accessible for a reasonable price. It's like they want us to go back to pirating everything

  27. I for one cannot wait for netflix to go under. Ive always hated them. Theyve always been the most dog crap streaming service. Id rather watch random ass youtube videos than 90% of netflix shows.

  28. The amount of people not reading the article and just immediately throwing shit into the fire is embarrassing. Most of these people don’t even own a Smart TV capable of running Netflix I’d wager

  29. I couldn't disagree more that this will hurt Netflix financially. I'm about to get kicked off my parents' plan. Will they cancel because of that? No. Will I now sign up because of it? Probably. This is almost certain to be profitable.

  30. Easy solution: setup a VPN on a raspberry pi at home and connect back to it to watch Netflix “from the same location as always”

  31. Was paying for 4 devices/4 family members. Who the F cares WHERE they are. Perhaps you are mobile/traveling. Are they going to shut you down because you are outside your “home address”. In my case the kids moved out and got an apartment just up the road. I WAS STILL PAYING for 4 SCREENS. Not cheating anyone! Not sharing passwords! Now just because they see a different IP address they are going to charge more or shut you down? F YOU Netflix! I canceled and am NOT coming back!

  32. Their content is not good enough for this to gain them subscribers. My sister pays for multiple screens for Netflix, and I pay for Hulu and Disney+. If Netflix does this, I’m just going to tell her we will stop using Netflix rather than have her or us pay extra. As a consequence, she will likely downgrade her subscription from four screens to one or none. And I know my husband and I aren’t about to buy our own Netflix subscription. It’s fun to watch from time to time, but there’s nothing on it that would make me pay the full monthly subscription forever. They are way too overconfident in their product.

  33. This thread is hilarious. Everyone pretending like they watch Netflix on TVs in multiple homes all the time and this is the thing that will make them cancel.

  34. Are you not realizing that there is a lot of account splitting going on? Many people arranged with someone in their family or circle of friends to pay Netflix and split it (each party pays $10), also Disney+ and split it, Paramount+, HBO Max. If Netflix no longer allows this, and given that Netflix is already by far the most expensive of all services, many people will just drop Netflix and continue sharing Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount, Peacock Premium. It will hurt the Netflix' subscriber base in the lucrative US/CAN and Europe markets because they are already having a content problem. Most of the really good "classic" content they used to have, TV shows and popular blockbuster movies, are gone and they have none of the newer theatrical blockbusters like all the other streamers do.

  35. It isn't clear that Chromecast is exempted. Could go either way on that one, because while the authorization is done through the phone, the actual display is on the TV. So it really isn't clear how they would count that. I'm leaning toward Chromecast probably counts as a TV, because in an account sharing scenario, nothing prevents the sharee from installing the app on his phone.

  36. Fine by me. I don't share my account. If someone wants Netflix they can pay for it like I do or pirate it. I'm not paying just to give it to others.

  37. Oh good, I needed an excuse to stop splitting the cost of this with my ex. Thanks Netflix, we will drop it. We have just kept it out of inertia anyway, not bc there anything to watch on it.

  38. My son and I have shared an account for ten plus years now, splitting the cost, thru him going away to college and now that he lives on his own. Maybe it is only a few extra dollars a month, but we don’t abuse it and the moment they tell me I have to pay extra, I am done.

  39. there should be an override if you are the account holder, as long as not streaming at 2 different homes same time

  40. Just canceled my sub. I bounce between my and my g/f house a lot. Who the hell are they to tell me I can't watch my shit at her place after 2 weeks. GTFO.

  41. Netflix dug their own grave when they thought they could continue to grow by only focusing on churning out content as the rights holders slowly pulled all the existing popular content from their service. They had years to try and branch out and offer new services or expand into new product markets. Instead they just kept throwing crap at a wall hoping some of it would stick. Every business talking head and armchair investment export knew the company would hit a saturation point and they'd begin to plateau new subscriber numbers and begin to lose existing subs. The only reason I can think of is the hubris of a company that truly thought people would just forever hold out for quality content and never cancel their subscriptions.

  42. I don't currently account share because I like to follow the rules. If they are saying I can share a friend or family's account legitimately for way cheaper then I'm going to cancel my account and do that instead.

  43. They’re really trying hard to screw themselves. What with blockbuster tweeting and blockchain tech coming alive, be a shame if new competition were to empower users and creators with direct purchasing contracts. We could own and resell our digital assets while paying content creators fairly.

  44. Shouldn't advertisements be making up for this? Just take the number of freeloaders, calculate their fee and pass it on to the advertisers. Coca Cola or Doritos would love to have more pairs of eyeballs.

  45. Netflix wasted a lot of money on their “Netflix Original” content. For every one good “Original” content, they create 20 bad “original content”

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