1. This is the one I always keep on hand as well. The single barrel is great, but I can never find them, and the 10 is always available and tasty.

  2. I’m doing the four roses single barrel tasting experience this Friday at the distillery. Im very excited!

  3. It’s basically the only bourbon I buy now. During the holidays I may treat myself to some Four Roses Single Barrel but Wild Turkey 101 is just so damn good.

  4. Okay, I think I need to try this again. I tried it once, maybe 20 years ago as a brand new drinker in college, and didn't love it. I also mixed it with Dr. Pepper, so my tastes weren't exactly "refined." But I've seen enough people talk about how WT 101 is great, that I'm gonna give it a shot.

  5. OF 100°. It's the best daily sipper for somebody who doesn't like to spend too much. The OF flavor profile is my jam. I'm even happy with the 86°. 1910 is objectively deeper, richer, and just plain better, but it's over twice the price.

  6. Came to say this. I am willing to spend but OF 100 is an exceptional whiskey. If some new craft distillery released it today with slick branding they could ask $100 and it would sell. I’m willing to fight anyone who disagrees.

  7. Just picked up another bottle of this. It’s great in general but even better when you take the price into account

  8. OF100 is the absolute king of the mid-shelf. I’m a huge 1920 fan, but the 100 is so flexible; inexpensive enough to always have on hand, great neat or in a cocktail.

  9. Out of curiosity how much do you pay for your ECBP? Around me it ranges from MSRP (in small quantities and generally gone the first weekend) to $100 where it sits on the shelf.

  10. Wild Turkey 101. Use it for all whiskey cocktails. Traverse City Barrel Proof is another, but that’s more just home sickness as I no longer live in MI.

  11. My wife knows that if I have less than a half a bottle to automatically pick one up as a "gift". Earns her points and makes me happy.

  12. Yellow spot. I kept it in a flask I carried on my wedding day. The sentimental value means that it will never run dry.

  13. It’s kind of a catch 22 for me. Great bourbon and literally a benchmark, but at least in ID, it’s pretty much always available in one of the closest 3 liquor stores so I wouldn’t care too much if I run out. I’d replace at first opportunity but wouldn’t not finish a bottle if I didn’t have a backup.

  14. Lately for me it's Four Roses Small Batch Select - it hits all the Four Rosies notes I love - it keeps getting gone and I keep getting more 💕

  15. How do you like it compared to MM Cask Strength? Cask Strength is one of my favorites and probably going to pick up 46 next

  16. For me it’s a toss up between Woodford (standard or double oak) and Wild Turkey 101. Used to be Eagle Rare but I can’t ever find it anymore.

  17. Knob Creek 9. I don’t think it gets the love it deserves for the age statement, proof, and price. Soooo good.

  18. $100 a bottle though 😬 just went to their distillery for a tour a few months back and had the rye for the first time. My favorite whiskey I've ever had in my entire life.

  19. I love it, but it’s always feast or famine in my area. None on shelves for a couple months, then it’s overflowing for a few weeks.

  20. Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. It's what I had when my son was born and it's become my go to. I love trying new whiskies but I'll always have one of these stocked.

  21. Turkey 101 is a good one to have on hand regardless of anything. Especially with the cold times approaching.

  22. Eagle Rare. It's tough to find but where there's a will there's a way. Always have a backup for the backup and a 1.75 in reserve.

  23. Had this for the first time this past weekend at Disney Springs in Orlando. It was a really nice pour. I was a bit devastated they had ran out of the Heaven hill 27yr earlier in the day as I had never even seen that before, but the Nikki was a pleasant consolation prize.

  24. Four Roses Single Barrel Barrel Strength picks, any New Riff whiskey I have and any Watershed picks I have. Only brands I will have 10+ offerings from consistently

  25. Regular ass Makers Mark. Always my "go to" after starting the night with a pour or two from an allocated or more expensive bottle.

  26. Wild Turkey 101. My wife usually knows when it’s time to grab another handle from the grocery store too so we are never out of it.

  27. Going to go a little different than most folks here, but Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon. 92 proof, works well in cocktails but drinks just fine neat. Being in the Vegas area it's easy to find and hovers around $25-30.

  28. Four Roses SiB for sure. Although MM 101 & JB SiB have worked their way into the steady rotation. For the most part, always available, and always good

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